6 Advantages of Smart Sprinkler Controller for Your Lawn

Sprinkler systems are widely used for the irrigation of lawns and gardens. Most people use manual sprinkler systems for watering their gardens.

However, like everything is becoming smart in this digital era, smart sprinkler systems are available for irrigation.

Smart sprinkler systems come with controller devices and sensors that help users to control them from anywhere.

Users can schedule the irrigation times, control it through an app, and save plenty of water with smart sprinkler systems.  

There are many benefits of smart sprinkler systems for household gardens as well as commercial landscapes.

Let us explore all the advantages of using smart sprinkler systems for a lawn or garden.

Advantages of Smart Sprinkler Controller

1.Advanced Control

The best advantage of a smart sprinkler system is that it enables you to control everything through a phone app.

Nowadays, most smart gadgets and home appliances come integrated with an app that helps users to control them. Similarly, you can choose an irrigation system that comes with a phone app.

You can install the app on your phone and control the sprinkler system from any location.

You need to install the app and connect your sprinkler system to your Wi-Fi. Then you can use and control the system from the app.

2.Automatic Scheduling

With a smart sprinkler system, you don’t need to turn on or turn it off every time. You can set your system with a schedule that suits the weather conditions and seasonal requirements.

For example, you can set the schedule for watering twice in the hot summer. 

It will water the garden and lawn in the morning and evening as per the timings you set for irrigation.

If it is the winter season, you can set it to water your garden thrice a week. In the rainy season, you can set it once a week.

Some sprinkler systems also come with an auto-scheduling option and sensors that sense the weather condition and turn on or off the system accordingly.

The sensors sense the temperature, humidity in the air, and operate the system according to the watering requirements of plants.

3.Sensing the weather

Smart irrigation systems come equipped with many sensors. One such sensor is the weather sensor that senses the weather every half an hour and adjusts the system accordingly.

For example, when the weather is hot, the sensor will sense it and turn on the irrigation system more frequently to fulfill the watering requirements.

In the winters, when the weather is cold, It can turn on the sprinklers less frequently as the watering requirement of plants is low.

In cloudy weather, it can sense when it is about to rain, and may not turn on the system.

The sensors sense the temperature, humidity, and sudden changes in climate and adjust the irrigation system accordingly. Some irrigation systems come with sensors that are fitted into the soil, and they sense the moisture in the soil instead of air.

As soon as the moisture in the soil declines, they can turn on the system for watering lawns and gardens.

4.Smarter than humans

If you have always used a conventional irrigation system, you might not like to listen to advice from your smart sprinklers.

They use multiple metrics to determine the rate of evaporation of your soil, as per the information you feed in it about your garden.

It can break up the irrigation times into smaller durations so that the soil and soak water effectively without the risk of run-off.

If you feed accurate information about your lawn and garden, a smart sprinkler can be smarter than you.

The advanced sprinkler systems are so perfect that they can fine-tune the details like root depth, your garden area, and the amount of water delivered per hour. You can consider a smart sprinkler system as your lawn care expert.

5.Save water

As smart irrigation systems monitor the requirements of your landscape and supply water to the lawn in the required amount, it can save you plenty of water.

It reduces the wastage of water as in conventional systems, and shuts off the system at the right time, thereby reducing your utility bills.

Such systems are highly efficient and save not only water but also the money you spend on paying your water bills.

Smart sprinklers can cost anywhere from $100 to $280, but they will likely pay you off for the next few years.

Most of them are certified by the EPA’s Watersense program, which allows you to use your smart sprinkler to receive a discount on your utility bill.

The EPA offers a discount because smart irrigation systems use less water and reduce the overall consumption of water in society. 

6.Voice control

Some models of smart sprinklers come with voice-enabled control. You can control them with voice commands and make them work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo.

Therefore, you don’t have to visit your lawn to turn on or turn off the sprinkler system. All you need is to ask your voice assistant to do the job, whether you want to switch the sprinklers on or off.

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Final Words

Now, as you understand the advantages of smart sprinkler systems, you can consider installing them for your landscape. Once you install them, you can set them to auto-scheduling, and forget worrying about watering your plants.

Your smart irrigation system will handle all the irrigation requirements of your lawn and garden. However, homeowners should take care of the periodic maintenance of the irrigation systems to save on water and utility bills.

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