8 Best Fertilizer for Plumeria 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

Plumerias (common name Frangipani) are heavy feeder flowering plants. That means they need more fertilizer than other flowering plants to thrive and produce more blooms.

So, if you want green and glossy bushy plumeria that can produce lots of vibrant, fragrant, and pinwheel-shaped flowers, you need to feed them the best fertilizer regularly.

But what is the best fertilizer for plumerias?

In a nutshell, The liquid, granular, or spike type of fertilizer that contains a higher amount of phosphorus than nitrogen and potassium. Thereafter, the best plumeria fertilizer also contains some other macro and micronutrients.

For your convenience, In this article, I have listed and reviewed the top 8 best fertilizer for plumeria that may help you to pick the perfect fertilizer for your plumeria trees to increase the size and number of blooms.

In A Hurry? Here is the best of the best fertilizer for plumeria tree that you can buy right now-

Best Fertilizer for Plumeria-Comparisons

Best Plumeria FertilizerNPKTypePrice
Nelson Plumeria Plant Food5-30-5Granular
Dr. Earth Organic Bud & Bloom Fertilizer3-9-4Granular
Grow More 7510 Hawaiian Bud and Bloom5-50-17Concentrated
Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster Flower Food15-30-15Water-Soluble
J R Peters Blossom Booster Fertilizer10-30-20Water-Soluble
Scotts Super Bloom Plant Food12-55-6Water-Soluble
BR-61 Fertilizer9-58-8Water-Soluble
FoxFarm 732748 Cha Ching Fertilizer9-50-10Concentrated

Best Fertilizer for Plumeria-Reviews

1.Nelson Plumeria Plant and All Flowering Tropicals Food

Nelson Plumeria Plant and All Flowering Tropicals Food
Nelson Plumeria plant Food is the best granular fertilizer for plumeria and It is specially formulated for plumeria and other flowering plants.

According to the granular analysis, the NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 5-30-5. That means it contains 5% nitrogen,30% phosphate, and 5% potash and you know NPK are the primary nutrients for glossy, green leaves, robust blooms, and overall plant health.

Good news; a small amount of nitrogen(2.47%) is coated for slow release that can feed your plant continuously without the risk of burn.

Also, it contains 1% calcium,1.4% magnesium,1.8% sulfur,2.5% iron,0.05% copper,0.13% manganese and zinc.All are essential plant nutrients for plumeria and the balanced mixture of these macro and micronutrients can help your plumeria to promote vibrant and beautiful blooms and protect the plant from nutrient deficiency.

All the nutrients are derived from some toxic free chemical compounds that are completely safe for plumeria and your health.

Besides plumeria, it can also be applied to the Lei Plant, Ground Orchids, Tree Ferns, Peace Lily, Crotons, Plumbago, Mexican Firebush, Candletree, Ixora, and some other tropical flowering plants.

To feed this best plumeria plant food-

Sprinkle 100 grams( ¾ cup ) fertilizer for 10 square feet surface area around the plant and 1 teaspoon for 1 gallon of containers. Now water the plant thoroughly and repeat the application after 14 days during the growing season. Read the label for dosages of bigger size containers. 


2.Dr. Earth 707P Organic 8 Bud & Bloom Fertilizer

Dr. Earth 707P Organic 8 Bud & Bloom Fertilizer in Poly BagAre you looking for the best organic fertilizer for plumeria? Here is Dr.Earth 707p Bud & Bloom Fertilizer for you. It is an OMRI and  NOP listed organic fertilizer. Let’s analyze the fertilizer-

According to the NPK ratio, This fertilizer contains 3% nitrogen,9% phosphate, and 4% potash. Good news; The total amount of nitrogen is water-insoluble nitrogen. That means, the nitrogen dissolves with water slowly and feeds the plumeria plant calmly and continuously.

Besides NPK, it also contains some other macro and micronutrients but the manufacturer didn’t mention the ratio. Do you want to know how could I know that it contains other nutrients?

Let me explain- You know this is an organic fertilizer and it is derived from some organic compounds such as fishbone meal, alfalfa meal, potassium sulfate, kelp meal, and kelp flour.

All are the source of most of the essential plant nutrients. For example, fishbone meal is the main source of phosphorus but it also contains some other nutrients like calcium.

So, You don’t need to worry about minor nutrient deficiency if you feed this natural fertilizer to your plumeria.

The best parts of this fertilizer are-

It contains a natural blend of beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae that improves the long-lasting soil quality, promotes root growth, and makes the plant resistant. Also, this fertilizer has 4.5% humic acid that protects the plant from environmental stress like water and heat stress.

For feeding this slow-release fertilizer to established plumeria plant-

Sprinkle 2 cups for 1-inch diameter trunk or 4 tablespoons for 12 inches container. Work gently on the surface soil, water the plant. Repeat the application after a month and enjoy the glossy green plumeria with lots of colorful blooms. Read the label to learn more dosages for new planting.


3.Grow More 7510 Hawaiian Bud and Bloom

Grow More 7510 Hawaiian Bud and BloomGrow More 7510 Hawaiian Bud and Bloom is the best liquid fertilizer for plumeria. It comes with a water-soluble concentration that comes in an available form easily and feeds the most hungry plumeria plant instantly.

It contains 5% nitrogen,50% phosphate and 17% potash.As you saw, it contains a heavy amount of phosphate that helps the plant to promote flowering and produce more robust and colorful blooms. Moreover, the adequate amount of nitrogen and potash help to make your plumeria plant bushy, stronger, and resistant.

Besides NPK, this fertilizer also enriches with some chelated micronutrients such as boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, iron, and manganese. So, the balanced mixture of major and minor nutrients can fulfill every nutritional need and protect the plumeria plant from chlorosis or other poor nutritional diseases.

All the nutrients are derived from some inorganic compounds that are safe for plants and environments.

It can also be applied to other flowering and colored foliage plants such as anthurium, bougainvillea, birds of paradise, hydrangea, and so on.

Mix 1 tablespoon of concentrated fertilizer into 1 gallon of water and spray once a week on the foliage until leaves and soil wet completely. It can also apply as a soil drench by pouring the solution around the base of the plumeria.


4.Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower FoodMiracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Fertilizer is one of the best fertilizers for plumeria today. It comes with water-soluble nutrients and you know,  the water-soluble nutrients can dissolve with water easily and feed the plant quickly.

So, if you want very quick results then you should pick this well-balanced bloom booster plant food for your plumeria and other flowering plants.

Now let’s see what it contains-

As the primary nutrients, It has 15% nitrogen,30% phosphate, and 15% potash. The high phosphate can help your plumeria to develop colorful blooms. Besides, the ratio of these three plant nutrients makes the plant bushy, healthy, and green.

Also, it contains adequate amounts of boron, copper, iron, zinc, molybdenum, and manganese for providing trace nutrients to the plumeria plant.

Good news; the manufacturer claims; the nutrients are derived from some safe and burn-free compounds that you feed your plant with no risk of burn.

As I told you, it is a water-soluble fertilizer and it feeds the plant instantly. So, it should be applied more frequently for better results.

Mix 1 tablespoon for an outdoor and ½ teaspoon for indoor plumeria into a gallon of water and apply the water to your plant. Repeat the application after 7-14 days.


5.J R Peters Jacks Classic Blossom Booster Fertilizer

J R Peters Jacks Classic No.4 10-30-20 Blossom Booster FertilizerHere is the another best water-soluble fertilizer for plumeria from the J R Peters brand. It is enriched in macro and micronutrients that can help you to get healthy plants with colorful blooms.

It contains 10% nitrogen,30% phosphate, and 20% potash for lush green plants with healthy roots and colorful long-lasting blooms.

Also,it contains 0.50% magnesium,0.02% boron,0.05% copper,0.10% iron,0.0009% molybdenum, 0.05% manganese and zinc.All are the required minor nutrients for plumeria that can promote robust blooms and prevent leaves from yellowing.

Like all other synthetic fertilizers of my list, the nutrients of this fertilizer are also derived from some toxic-free compounds that don’t harm your plants.

You know; water-soluble fertilizer can feed quickly but need a frequent application for better results. There is no exception to this water-soluble fertilizer. It also can feed quickly to your plumeria plant without the risk of burn or damage.

To promote bud and flower formation of plumeria-

Take 1 tablespoon for an indoor plumeria and ½ teaspoon for an indoor plumeria. Mix the pre-measured fertilizer into a  gallon of water and apply it to the plant. Repeat the application 7-14 days later.


6.Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food

Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant FoodWant to help your plumeria to produce more blooms? Here is Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant fertilizer with high phosphorus.

According to the NPK ratio, It contains-

12% nitrogen that helps the plumeria to become bushy, produce more glossy and dark green leaves,55% Phosphate for producing constant and long-lasting blooms, and 6% potash for overall plant health and more robust blooms. Sad but true, it contains only 0.10% iron as micronutrients.

It also comes in water-soluble form. So, like other water-soluble fertilizer, it also can feed your plumeria instantly and you need frequent application for better results.

Moreover, this fertilizer doesn’t have any harsh or toxic chemicals. As a result, you can apply it directly to the foliage with confidence. It can also apply in-ground and potted plumeria.

Mix 2 tablespoons of this fertilizer into a gallon of water and apply the solution around the base of the plumeria plant once per 7-14 days.


7.BR-61 Fertilizer

BR-61 Fertilizer BR-61 Fertilizer is the most phosphorus-containing fertilizer in the market. Besides a high amount of phosphorus, it also contains some other essential plant nutrients.

As a primary nutrient, this fertilizer has 9% nitrogen,58% phosphate, and 8% potash.Moreover,it also contains 0.12% iron,0.05% manganese and 0.05% zinc.

The good news; all the micronutrients are chelated nutrients. That means they have an organic coating that prevents the nutrients from occurring reaction in soil. As a result, they always remain in an available form for plants.

Also, the nutrients of this fertilizer are derived from some toxic-free chemicals that don’t burn the roots or leaves of plants in hot and dry weather.

Like all other water-soluble fertilizers, it also feeds the plant instantly and needs to apply more frequently for better results.

Mix 1 gallon of BR-61 fertilizer per gallon of water and apply the solution once per 7-10 days.


8.FoxFarm 732748 Fox Farm Cha Ching Soluble Jar Fertilizer

FoxFarm 732748 Fox Farm Cha Ching Soluble Jar FertilizerFoxFarm 732748 is another best concentrated fertilizer for plumeria. It has a higher amount of phosphorus and also has sufficient amounts of nitrogen and potassium.

It has 9% nitrogen,50% phosphate,10% potash.As you saw, it contains half the amount of phosphate in ratio and the higher amount of phosphate encourages your plumeria plant to blooms.

Also, it has some other macro and micronutrients such as 0.10% iron, 0.02% boron, 0.05% manganese, 0.05% zinc, and 0.05% copper.

All the micronutrients are available in the chelated forms that have an organic coating for protecting them from different soil reactions.

It comes in a jar with a concentrated form. You need to dilute the solution before apply the plumeria plants. Besides plumeria, it also applies successfully in other late flowering cycle plants for promoting them to produce flowers quickly.

Mix 1/2 – 1 teaspoon fertilizer per gallon of water and apply it to your plumeria plant. Feed again after a week.


How to Choose the Best Fertilizer for Plumerias?

You must consider some points to choose the perfect fertilizer for your plumeria. Here are the points-

Available Nutrients

This is the first and foremost thing that you have to consider at first. See the NPK ratio of the fertilizer.

You know; NPK means Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and plumeria need a heavy amount of phosphorus to promote flowering. That doesn’t mean it needs only phosphorous. It also an adequate amount of nitrogen, potassium, and other macro and micronutrients such as calcium, iron, copper, etc.

You have to just consider that the middle number of NPK ratio is higher than others and the fertilizer enriches with micronutrients.

Types of The Fertilizer

Different types of plumeria fertilizer available in the market today.Organic,inorganic,liquid,water-soluble, and slow-release.

You can pick any type of fertilizer from reputable brands. All types of fertilizer are good for plumeria. But all have different types of application procedures.

For your better understanding, Here are some advantages and disadvantages of different types of fertilizer.

Most of the organic fertilizers are slow-release fertilizer. That means this type of fertilizer feeds your plant slowly for a long time. You don’t need to apply this fertilizer more frequently.

In contrast, most of the synthetic fertilizers are liquid or water-soluble fertilizer. They release their nutrients rapidly and you get the result quickly. But you need to apply this fertilizer more frequently.

How Often to Fertilize Plumeria?

Actually, the plumeria fertilizer schedule depends on the type and brand of the fertilizer. Generally, slow-release organic fertilizer can feed the plumeria continuously up to a few months but water-soluble fertilizer feed instantly. So, you need to feed water-soluble fertilizer once per 7-14 days or slow-release fertilizer once per month.

The wise idea is to read the label of your fertilizer for knowing the fertilizing schedule.

How to Apply Fertilizer To the Plumeria?

Every brand provides a manual with the application procedure. You must read their instructions carefully before applying the fertilizer. Thereafter, here I have discussed the best way to fertilize the plumeria trees-

Step 1: Pick the Best Plant Food for Plumerias

Pick the best plumeria fertilizer from any reputable brand that is completely safe for your plumeria. Here is my pick-

Step 2: Measured The Fertilizer

Measure the fertilizer according to the label direction. You can find different dosages for indoor and outdoor plants. You should strictly follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Step 3: Prepare a Solution

Pour the water into a watering can or a sprayer. Mix the pre-measured fertilizer into water. You can also find the amount of water in the label of the fertilizer.

You will ignore this step if you pick granular fertilizer.

Step 4: Choose the Best Time to Apply

You should apply fertilizer when the weather remains cool and wind free. According to the experts, early morning or evening is the best time to apply fertilizer to the plumeria plant.

Step 5: Apply the Fertilizer

First, apply some water to the plumeria plant. It minimizes the chance of stress. Then pour the solution on the foliage and the soil around the plumeria.

For granular fertilizer, sprinkle the pre-measured fertilizer around the base of the plant and water thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

#Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plumeria?

Yes, Coffee grounds are good for plumeria. Let’s see why-

Coffee grounds contain a small amount of nitrogen and nitrogen is essential for dark green and glossy leaves. Moreover, coffee grounds act as soil acidifiers that can help the soil reduce the pH and make the soil favorable for plumeria. Because plumeria likes acidic soil.

#Is Epsom Salt Good for Plumeria?

Epsom salt is the source of magnesium and magnesium is an essential plant nutrient for plumeria. Yellow leaf veins or interveinal chlorosis occurs due to magnesium deficiency. Epsom salt can prevent interveinal chlorosis of the plumeria by providing the required magnesium.

To feed Epsom salt to the plumeria- Mix 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon of water and apply on the plant.

#Are Banana Peels Good for Plumeria?

Banana peels are the great source of plant nutrients. Banana peels contain phosphorous, potassium, and some other macro and micronutrients. So, you can apply banana peels to your plumeria. Cut the banana peels, dry and grind them and sprinkle around the base of the plants.

#How to Get Plumeria to Bloom?

Only the proper care can encourage the plumeria to bloom. Check the soil quality, drainage, and soil pH(optimum pH 6.4-6.8), place them where they get at least 6 hours. then feed them more phosphorus-containing fertilizer to promote flowering and water regularly. I hope you will get beautiful and long-lasting blooms.


The glossy leaves of the plumeria also look beautiful but gardeners would like to enjoy the plumerias with colorful blooms. And truly speaking you don’t need a magic formula to produce more blooms.

Plant your plumeria with good potting mix, take the best fertilizer for plumeria and frangipani, feed and water them regularly and enjoy the 5-petaled beauties of the blooms.

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