Is Cactus Soil Ok For Succulents?

It’s common to wonder if cactus soil is proper for succulents. Because cactus is one type of succulent. 

So, is it okay to grow cactus soil succulents

Yup, you can use cactus soil or potting mix for growing other succulents. Mainly because both cacti and succulents require a similar type of soil. That should be well-drained and aerated. Moreover, the plants can hold a lot of moisture themselves. So, they don’t need any extra help to hold water. 

Now, this might seem like some vague information. So, you’ll need to learn more to prevent any types of mistakes. That’s why we’ve explained the soil properties a succulent requires. And how cactus soil matches those requirements. 

Therefore, let’s walk through the whole piece! 

What Type of Soil Do Succulents Need? 

Now, succulents aren’t like your regular houseplants. They have firmer and thicker leaves.

For this reason, they can absorb and hold water within them. As a result, succulents can live longer without water

Furthermore, another reason behind this is succulents are mostly grown in desserts. And we all know the weather is much warmer in that type of area. Hence, the water evaporation rate is also pretty high. 

Therefore, even if you grow succulents indoors, you’ve to provide a dry environment. More specifically-

The environment should be dryer than that of the other indoor plants you have. 

And that’s where the soil comes into the picture. Because it’s important to use the right soil while planting any kind of plant. So, succulents aren’t any different. But how to know which is the right type of soil?

Well, as we’ve mentioned you don’t have to water succulents frequently. Because they’re comfortable with minimum watering. 

Thus, providing water every 7-14 days is an ideal watering routine. More than that is not okay at all. Because too much watering will make your plant sick

So, you have to avoid the soil type that gets waterlogged easily. For example, regular gardening soil can stay wet for days. So, instead of that type of soil, you have to look for fast draining and airy soil. 

Because this type of soil doesn’t absorb and hold in moisture. Hence, the soil won’t be waterlogged. Plus it’ll also maintain a not too moist or not too dry condition, which succulents prefer. 

Furthermore, cactus soil also won’t hold many nutrients which is also important. Because succulents don’t need that many nutrients for growing. 

Simply put, succulents need soil that drains quickly and is well-aerated. 

Can You Use Cactus Soil for Succulents? 

Now, if you didn’t know, there are actually lots of types of soil or potting mix. For example, garden soil, all-purpose potting mix, orchid potting mix, cactus potting mix, etc. 

Every type of soil has a specific kind of ingredients. Hence, different types of soils deal with air, water, the roots of a plant, and nutrients in different ways. 

But why is cactus soil okay for succulents? 

You might lean towards all-purpose, regular gardening soil. But that’s not a great idea, my friend! Because if you compare cactus soil with them, it has higher drainage property.

However, the soil has lower drainage properties than the orchid potting mix. 

Nonetheless, to reach the well-drained quality-

Cactus soil is made with coco coir/peat moss, coarse sand, pumice/perlite. 

Because of being made with these ingredients-

Plants that love a medium-dry environment can thrive in cactus soil. And these plants include succulents. 

How to Use Cactus Soil for Succulent?

Using cactus soil is really easy. It’s a lot quicker as well. Because you can find premixed cactus soil available at every garden shop.

But you might want to make your own succulent soil. Well, that’ll cost you lots of effort and time. That’s why using cactus soil is the best solution for you. 

Plus you can find cactus potting mixes that mention succulents on their label. This means the potting mixes are 100% usable for succulent plants. 

On that note, here are some suggestions of cactus and succulent potting mixes-

Therefore, quickly grab yourself one potting mix. And use it for your precious succulents! Trust us, you’ll also think that this is the best soil for succulents in pots!

Now, gardeners mostly pick the premixed cactus soil. To use that, you don’t have to add extra garden soil. You can use it straight out of the bag! 

Just pour enough cactus soil depending on the container you have. You should not completely fill the pot. Fill the pot with the soil till there’s 1 and a half-inch of length left.

If you didn’t know, only using the potting mix might cause you to water frequently. For example, every 7 to 10 days. 

But if you aren’t interested in watering often, add something else with it. One common option is garden soil. Make a 50/50 mixture of the garden soil and cactus potting mix. And that’s it! 

Either way your succulent will have healthy growth!

How to Make Succulent Soil at Home?

Now, you might not fancy the idea of using cactus soil. It’s totally understandable. 

What you can do instead of that is pick the second and last option. That is making your own succulent soil. This option is more on the cheaper side. But you’ll have to put in an extra effort. 

Ingredients You’ll Need

To make the soil for one plant, you’ll need three simple ingredients. Which are-

  • 3 cups of potting soil 
  • 1.5 cups of Pumice or perlite 
  • 3 cups Coarse sand 

Sounds a bit familiar? Well, these are the same ingredients for making cactus soil. However, the amount of perlite is more in cactus soil.

Tools To Grab

You’ll also need some measuring tools, For example-

  • A measuring container 
  • A container for mixing 
  • A trowel. 

By the way, you might need a pair of gloves. Only if you’re willing to use hands instead of the trowel.

Now, while picking up these ingredients, you have to keep few things in mind.

Firstly, the potting soil is going to work as the base. Therefore, it’s best to choose porous, light soil as the base. For example, you can use sandy soil that has a little amount of clay in it. Furthermore, an all-purpose potting mix is another good option.

Also, never go for a potting mix that includes vermiculite. Because those types of potting soil hold water. It’s the opposite of what a succulent needs.

Then perlite is easily found in gardening shops, or even at home improvement stores. You’ll have to buy from those. Now, perlite has many uses and benefits. For example, it makes the soil fast draining, and airy, which is important for succulents.

Lastly, while using coarse sand, remember not to use sand from the garden or beach, Because those can have dangerous particles in them. And these are obviously not good for the succulent. 

Furthermore, you might be wondering- how to make succulent soil without sand?

Well, good news! Because you can use poultry grit or turface instead of sand. Those will ensure quick drainage too.

Now, after getting these three, dump the right amount of each in a container. Then mix them together with a trowel. Stop mixing when the mixture looks even to you. 

There you have it! Your succulent soil is ready!


Question: What is the best potting soil for cactus and succulents?

Answer: Well, our suggestion is cactus soil. Because both cactus and succulent love airy and quick-draining soil. And cactus soil or potting mix contains ingredients that have those qualities. Therefore, using cactus potting soil is the best option for cactus and succulent owners.

Question: What ingredients are needed for homemade cactus soil?

Answer: You’ll need three ingredients for making your own cactus soil. Firstly, you have to take three cups of potting soil/garden soil. Then you need to grab 3 cups of coarse sand. Lastly, you’ll require 2 cups of perlite. Maintaining the right amount is necessary. Otherwise, the soil won’t have the right aeration, compactness. Plus it won’t be well-drained too.

Question: Do succulents need a special type of soil? 

Answer: Yes, you can’t use the regular garden soil for succulents. Because they aren’t the same as other indoor plants. Succulents are mostly desert plants. Which means they have an extraordinary water-holding ability. Hence, you have to use airy and well-drained soil for growing a succulent. You can use cactus soil for the plant as well. 


Well, we have run out of info regarding cactus soil succulents. But we made sure to cover every aspect of the issue. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t have any confusion. However, if you still have any queries, do let us know. Also, good luck with choosing the right soil for your succulent!

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