Can Rabbits Eat Roses? (+ Tips for Keeping them From Your Garden)

Owning rabbit pets for the first time is undoubtedly exciting, especially if you have the right resources and information. However, you still must be cautious with matters relating to your rabbit’s diet. 

One common question among people like you would be, “can rabbits eat roses?”

Well, yes, roses are an excellent dietary ingredient for your rabbits. However, they also have thorns, which can easily lead to life-threatening wounds. Plus, sections of rose plants such as the blossoms can cause stomach upsets, so it’s good to be careful when giving them to rabbits.

This guide looks at all aspects you need to know about rabbits and rose consumption: 

What Parts of the Rose Plants Do Rabbits Eat?

can rabbits eat rose stems

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There are various components of rose plants that rabbits consume. However, you might also be wondering whether the other components of the plant might be suitable for your pet rabbit. 

If this is the case, you can rest in peace knowing that all plant sections are suitable for your pet. Specifically, your pet rabbit can consume the following:

  • Branches.
  • Petals.
  • Leaves.
  • Caries.

The answer is also a straight “YES” if you or any other rabbit owner has ever asked the following questions:

  • Can rabbits eat white roses?
  • Can rabbits eat dried roses?
  • Can rabbits eat dead roses?
  • Can rabbits eat wild roses?
  • Can rabbits eat fresh roses?
  • Can rabbits eat pink roses?

Store-Bought Rose Flowers and the Dangers of Chemicals 

can rabbits eat flowers

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The safest rose type you can feed your rabbits is the organic type, which doesn’t contain any significant chemicals. The reason is that you are only the person that can vouch for the specific chemicals that you used to farm the plants. Any artificially made chemicals can harm the health outcomes of your rabbits.

If you use organic alternatives such as neem oil, your pet is safe. However, florists or professional farmers, on the other hand, use various chemicals to safeguard their plants. These chemicals may eventually seep down through your pet and lead to various adverse health complications. 

You should be aware that plants can absorb pesticides fast, which is one of the common causes of poisoning in animals such as rabbits. Most of the rose plant’s body often has a thin structure, which can easily be potent with lots of farm chemicals.

Even worse, some countries, such as the USA, still struggle with implementing regulations on pesticide usage. Additionally, the measures available for regulating the use of such products are also weak. 

Recent reports have also shown that florists who handle these products regularly are also prone to chemical exposure. The reason is that most of these chemicals are fat-soluble, which makes them a significant health threat for any life form (yes, including your rabbits!)

Some of the most common products that florists use to spray roses can include:

  • Furalaxyl.
  • Thiophanate-methyl.
  • Furaxyl.

How to Keep Rabbits from Eating Rose Plants?

what flowers can rabbits not eat

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There are various ways to keep your rabbits away from your rose plants. You probably asked this in response to wild rabbits or pets that often destroy your rose plants or firm. Fortunately, here are a few helpful tips for you to consider:

Tip#1. Fencing

how to keep rabbits from eating roses

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While this solution is not common among gardeners, it’s a surefire technique for regulating the movements of rabbits. The key to success is to use the correct type of fencing resource, with chicken wire products being the most common. 

While setting up a suitable fence can be challenging, it’s a helpful resource if you have all the relevant details in place.

Tip#2. Rabbit Repellents 

Some artificial repellants are not suitable for rabbits. Therefore, the other helpful suggestion for you is to prepare your batch. 

Use come jalapeno powder and cayenne paper to create a potent rabbit repellant. You can use it to spray your leaves after a few days. The reason why this combination works is that rabbits are allergic to overly spicy foods.

Tip #3. Coverage 

can rabbits eat rosemary

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You have to cover your roses at night to ensure the rabbits dont have any means of burrowing into the bush is also helpful. Generally, it’s best to keep rabbits insight their enclosures when you are no longer present. 

Your roses aside, leaving your rabbits outdoors can lead to their disappearance or make them prone to predators such as cats.

One excellent resource example we have seen among rabbit lovers involves ultrasonic repellers. However, their effects on pets have not undergone thorough research yet, so we are not 100% sure of any long-term effects it might have.

The other suggestion would be to avoid chemical repellants because they can pose short- and long-term damage to your plants. 

Factors to Consider When Feeding Roses or Plants to Pets

True roses aren’t toxic to pets, and this includes rabbits. They are an excellent source of cut flowers for any home that has plants eating pets.  However, roses that you have grown using artificial insecticides and fungicides can harm pets.

One key tip for you to consider is to ensure that you evaluate the botanical names of plants when researching plant toxicity. While many plants have the term “roses,” not many of them are genuine roses. Here are some other factors to consider before feeding rose plants to your rabbits:

  1. Rose Toxicity 

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals ascertains that true roses “AREN’T POISONOUS” to rabbits. Even though eating rose petals and flowers aren’t dangerous, be careful with the rose blossoms or leaves. 

These components or rose plants can sometimes lead to stomach upsets. It’s best to set vases of roses away from your pets at all times. Plus, insecticides, fungicides, and other chemicals on rose plants can also be serious toxicity causes.

  1. Thorny Hazards 

Rose might be appealing, but they also have thorns that can easily injure your pet rabbit. The thorns can cause deep cuts and even scratch delicate organs such as the eyes or nose of rabbits. Consider setting your climbing roses to specialized supports to ensure your pets don’t fall victim to the sharp thorns. Or, you can even use customized fences to help restrain the rabbits in an enclosed area.

  1. Rose Product Dangers 

Ensure you use gardening gloves or a rake to dispose of any rose debris and in a location away from your pets. Dried rose thorns can sometimes become hard, which can easily puncture wounds on pets’ feet or bodies. Worst of all, the thorns on roses aren’t easy to detect, which means you have to be cautious when handling them at all costs. Products such as synthetic insecticides and fungicides used on rose plants can also be significant health threats. Common ingredients such as Disulfoton are notorious for seeping into the pets through plants. Therefore, be careful.

Indeed, rabbits can eat roses, but you must be careful how you feed or expose them to these plants. Ensure you avoid store-bought rose flowers and keep thorny rose plants away from your rabbit. Also, ensure you avoid feeding them the rose blossoms, which can sometimes lead to stomach upsets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Rabbits Eat Store Bought Roses?

Yes, rabbits can eat store-bought roses. However, you have to be careful in gauging the content quality of the roses. Some roses contain chemicals such as pesticides which can be harmful to your plant’s health.

Are Rabbits Allowed Rose Petals?

Yes, rabbits are allowed to consume rose petals. The critical factor to consider involves providing the right parts of the roses. It’s also crucial that you gauge the quality of each plant to ensure it suits your needs.

Which Flowers Can Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits can consume various flowers, including roses, daisies, rosemary, carnations, hydrangeas, sunflowers, lavender, and yarrow. However, you have to be careful with the specific plants that you feed to your rabbits. It’s best if you avoid the types that are not grown organically. 

Can Rabbits Eat Rose Hips?

Yes, rabbits can east rose hips, as long as they dont have sharp thorns or overly large branches. Take your time to cut the rose hips, making them easy for your pet rabbit to consume. 

What Is Toxic To Rabbits?

While rabbits are herbivorous plants, there are various vegetables, fruits, and plants that can lead to negative reactions. These include allium, iceberg lettuce, avocado, and rhubarb. You should also avoid feeding your rabbits with potato leaves. 

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