5 Fengshui Friendly Succulents for Good Luck & Prosperity

Keeping feng shui friendly succulent is an extremely wise decision as a homeowner. It adds colors and life to your home. Moreover, feng shui can enhance the surroundings and promote good luck. 

But which plants should you choose for fengshui succulents good luck? 

Well, there are quite a lot of succulents that are just perfect for Fengshui. They are jade plant, snake plant, rubber plant, aloe, and cacti. They can bring good luck and prosperity to your home and office place. Moreover, they can enhance the ambiance. So, keeping one of them will surely bring good luck to you. 

That was the basic idea about these 5 succulents. Before bringing one of them home, you need more insights. We’ve got a lot more to enlighten you. So, stick till the end. 

Can Succulents Actually Bring Positive Energy? 

As per the Chinese feng shui, succulents can bring in good luck. They will definitely reap abundance at your home. But the plant has to be fresh and alive. Dead plants can cause misfortune. 

Any kind of greenery can enhance the surrounding. They can bring a green look with a healthy breathing space. Succulents are no different. 

As plants are living objects they are incorporated with us in many ways. They can radiate the aura of life inside your home. Different plants are full of different energy. They fight different bad energies as well. 

5 Succulent Plants That Are Fengshui Friendly

Succulents are believed to be the bringer of good luck. This made them utterly popular. You can even compare its popularity with the extremely hyped monster plant.

But why are succulents so famous? Well, they are extremely easy to maintain and come with a lot of variety. Some of them are just perfect for your home Feng Shui. 

Moreover, their affordability and easy propagation added to its rising demand. There are succulents for every need and every purpose. 

If you’re planning to keep a plant for feng shui, succulents can be your right pick. Hence, this list with details of some succulents that can bring prosperity.  

Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata is commonly known as the Jade plant. This has historically been placed at home believing it’ll bring good luck.  

It’s even mentioned in feng shui lore that plants with round leaves will bring welfare. So, you can place jade plants in the wealth corner of your home to bring fortune.

That’s why the jade plants are remarkably prominent for Feng shui. Business owners keep it at the entrance of their shop, believing it’ll please the lady luck. 

This is commonly given to business owners as a gift. Even people bring the Jade plant as a gift to the housewarming. Hence, Jade plants become one of the most chosen feng shui friendly succulents. 

Snake Plant

Indoor houseplants next to a window in a beautifully designed home or flat interior.

Sansevieria trifasciata also known as snake plants have long leaves that grow up to 2-4 feet. The leaves have yellow-green stripes with a very vibrant outlook. It’s funnily referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue for its sword-shaped leaves. 

This lower-light plant is considered to soak the allergen from the air. So, people with allergy problems keep this plant in their house. It can clean the air and absorbs the toxins very well. 

Even NASA studies found this plant to be an ideal pollutant remover. It can absorb air toxins like benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene. Thus it can ensure proper oxygen balance in the air. 

Moreover, this plant can protect the home from negative chi energy. It has this immense strength of shielding the home from the bad. Hence, snake plants are extremely feng shui friendly. 

Furthermore, this plant requires a little maintenance. Even though they require warm places, they can grow well in shady rooms as well. It can survive well with a weekly watering routine. It is an actual low-maintenance houseplant.

So, you can pick this succulent for your home. It suits your purpose of bringing fortune without burdening you with extra nurturing duty. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is literally the most famous succulent on this planet. It’s great for cleaning the air space and bringing serenity.

It has been used as an ayurvedic ingredient and skincare for thousands of years. It has extraordinary healing power. So, this jelly-filled succulent has been kept as a home plant for a very long.

This plant is very beginner-friendly. There are very few succulents that grow well in low-light conditions. Keeping it inside your house can bring tranquility and peace for you. 

Moreover, it has a very minimalistic yet elegant look. So, keeping it on your tabletop can bring a very eye-soothing green touch to your home. Most importantly, thick leaves can keep misfortune away.

That’s why aloe vera is an absolute preference as a good luck plant. It’s believed that aloe vera plants can fight away bad vibes. Growing it in the north or east direction is the best set up for feng shui. 

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants can grow up to 10 feet with enough space. In outdoor it can even grow up to 100 feet easily. In the case of surviving indoor, you must provide it with bright light and routine watering. 

This plant is not as easy to manage as the above-mentioned plants. It requires medium sunlight and a regular watering routine. Moreover, that temperature must be maintained between 18-30 degrees celsius. 

Oh, do you know how to measure the temperature of your room? So, the answer is with a thermometer. Have confusions about which one would be perfect? Here are our best picks for you-

So, choose one from here and keep the temperature under control. This is a must for your rubber tree. 

Just like jade plants, rubber plants have round leaves and a very ornamented look. So placing it in your wealth corner will bring good fortune for you. But it’s proved to be beneficial in any direction. Moreover, it can provide a good outlook. 

Rubber plants can bring auspiciousness and good fortune. Also, its large leaves can enhance the breathing space and flow positive energy. 

It can also bring an abundance of wealth to your home. Therefore, it can be a good choice as a fortune bringer succulent. 

Ponytail Palm 

This succulent has got a very stylish outlook. Keeping it inside your home can bring a unique look. With the green touch and calm vibe, it can fight off toxins as well.

An interesting fact about ponytail palm is it has a very balanced look. The tree grows with an extremely managed outlook. Thus it’s believed to symbolize balance and bring a positive dose of energy. 

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic, they are a very good pick for bringing prosperity. Moreover, palms can keep carpets away from dust. Therefore they are very common in living space decoration. 

Lastly, they can thrive well tolerating neglect. It can easily cope with irregular watering routines and not fertilizing for months. This quality has made them immensely popular. And you can obviously pick this plant for your home feng shui. 

That was all about the succulents that are feng shui friendly. You can choose any one of them. All of them have some distinct qualities. But they all bring prosperity and fortune to your house. 

So, pick one of the above that you liked the best and matches your needs perfectly. 


Question: Why are succulents special?

Answer: Succulents can easily adapt to extreme circumstances and survive well. They can function with a very little amount of water as their leaves and roots can retain water. Moreover, their propagation is extremely easy. So you can create a lot more new plants from one succulent plant.

Question: What do succulents symbolize?

Answer: Succulents can conserve water and survive in any situation. This represents their immensely strong nature and willpower of surviving. Thus it symbolizes enduring and timeless love. It also inspires us to fight even in the most unfavorable times.  

Question: Is succulent plants Bad luck?

Answer: Even though succulents are a very popular pick for bringing prosperity. But not all succulents bring good luck. Some of them can even bring bad luck. Most succulents that have thorns are considered bad luck symbols. That’s why they shouldn’t be placed indoors. 

Question: Is a succulent a good gift?

Answer: Most of the succulents are very strong in nature. They can live for a very long time with very little maintenance. Thus it’s considered to be a long-lasting memory. So, a lot of people prefer succulents as a gift so that the receiver can preserve them for a long. 

Take Away

This is all from our side. Hope this clears out your confusion about fengshui succulents good luck. 

Choose one of the succulents that suit you the most. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience. 

Hoping that your feng shui friendly succulent brings good luck to you. 

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