What is the best time of the year to grow tomatoes?

-Tomatoes are grown from March to early May.

Why do some fruits burst?

-If only a few fruits burst, there is nothing to worry about. I confess I do not see too much reason for the bursting of the fruits, except for a watering that can be too stressful. Too much water makes burst the fruits, especially in citrus fruits. Regulate the watering.

How to water my plants in summer during a trip of 1 month. These plants are in a garden in mid shade!

-There is no other solution than to water a maximum before leaving and to have a well-mulched ground on 7 cm thick. If you do not have a dry straw, put some cardboard, and cut most of the flowers of the plants and shrubs. You can also use an automatic sprinkler.

How to save aloe vera become brown?

-Put them on a very sunny terrace and watered a lot, to try to save them. It is advisable to put the plants in the veranda behind a window and water them excessively, Day by day they all became green

What is the reason for potted pittosporum’s yellow leaves and their fall?

-The pittosporum is persistent. It is in the middle of spring, early summer that he loses some of his foliage; if the new shoots are green, there is nothing serious, it’s normal. On the other hand, you must fertilize it with organic natural fertilizer.

Rust of tomato: how to avoid this disease?

-Tomato diseases are numerous: mildew, Alternaria, anthracnose. To avoid this, make sprays of Bordeaux mixture respecting the doses and frequencies indicated on the packaging. Water your plants with nettle and comfrey manure that will give resistance to your plants.

Why doesn’t my spine of Christ bloom?

-The spine of Christ comes from Madagascar and needs a lot of heat to bloom. Put the plant in a sunny area.

Why do the leaves of my lemon tree curl upon themselves?

-There is a good chance that red spiders attack the lemon tree; by unrolling the leaves, you can see (with a magnifying glass) small “dots” that walk around and leave a discoloration on the leaf, like small gray spots.
You can get rid of it by “washing” the foliage with high-pressure jet water. Then, the next three days, you spray soapy water: a teaspoon of black soap in a liter of water. It should calm them down.

Can indoor plants stay at 10 °? How to water them during this period?

The combination of cold and humidity is harmful for plants, explanation: most houseplants are of tropical origin and do not know the winter. 10 ° C is a minimum that suits the majority of plants? But depending on the species, the land must be moist but not excessively dry. Also, they must be watered with warm water (15 – 18 ° C)
So February March, water them when the earth is dry! April may, the watering intensify but leaving a little rest between 2 watering. June and summer, the plants are better outside, in the shade, and sheltered from the wind.

Why crassula leaves turn yellow and fall?

-The crassula is a beautiful succulent plant, does not need much watering. It is imperative to wait until the ground is arid (I insist on the “very”) before watering. Recommend to 1 watering every 15 days and once a week during the flowering period.
In the spring, you need to reduce watering to 1 time per month. In winter placing it in a cold 10-15 degrees maximum but still with plenty of light. No need to put fertilizer, this kind of plant needs poor soil to grow.
Finally, know that this plant is poisonous,

Will I be able to grow small dwarf peas (round grain) on a balcony?

-The little ones grow easily in a vat. Prefer a plastic container that retains better moisture. Plan to install a net of 50cm height anyway, this will only be beneficial for your harvest.

In freezing weather, should I water newly planted roses?

-No.Need to water your roses at this time. They are returning to the rest of the vegetation. you have nothing to do until spring. Watch your rose bushes, as soon as the leaves start to leave you can start to resume watering, depending on the weather obviously. On the other hand, if you have dead leaves, you can put a good layer all around, it will protect the roots and the point of the graft.

What is the most effective way to water the watermelon?

-The watermelon is very greedy in water, according to the regions it is necessary to envisage up to 50.000 m3 of water/ha
(I realized the irrigation of fields in Morocco for a friend, it was obliged to stop cultivation after two years for lack of water)

In a Parisian apartment, I have a small papyrus planted in a small cup filled with essential potting soil. It bathes in a pot filled with water that covers the surface of the earth. For now, the papyrus grows correctly, should I continue in the same way?

-Papyrus is a swamp plant, which loves to have your feet in the water, so your care is perfect. Take care to bring in a lot of light by placing it near a window (with no direct sun that would burn the leaves, however). Please report it once every two years.