10 Natural Way to Get Rid of Dandelions Permanently [Best Tools]

You just mowed your lawn and woe, stalks of dandelions grow everywhere!

Sounds sad! I know.

Yes, the good weather announces the return of dandelions! Although it is not toxic, that means is it less problematic? Not at all. Dandelions roots can row unto 16 inches. So it most hated by turfs lover. Also, many people don’t like to see dandelions invade the lawn in front of the house.

Good news; dandelion is the easiest weed to eliminate permanently. There are many mechanical, natural, and chemical ways to remove them.

Here I have discussed 10 proven environmentally friendly methods to remove dandelions from the lawn without damaging the turf.

Before dive into the main topic here is the quick recommendation of the best dandelion killer:

How to Remove Dandelions from Lawn?

1. Manually Uprooting Dandelions

Manually Uprooting Dandelions

The best way to get rid of dandelions without killing grass is to pull them out manually. It should be done before the flowers turn into seeds. When the earth has been moistened with rain, the best time to proceed:

  •  You must patiently pull out the complete root one by one with a small sharp knife, or a specific weed puller,
  •  After uprooting completely, the dandelion plant should never regrow on the lawn

It should not be the right choice that the number is too high. It will be a very long task. Get help from your kids over the weekend to remove all the dandelion and other weeds on the grass. Use a manual weed removal tool to remove the dandelions in the lawn quickly.

Want a  stand-up dandelion removal tool? Here is the best dandelion removal tool for you-

Fiskars 3 Claw Garden Weeder
  • Ideal for permanently removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds without multiple applications harsh, costly herbicide
  • Long handle eliminates sore knees from kneeling and back ache from bending and stooping
  • Three serrated, stainless-steel claws firmly grab weeds and roots for permanent removal
  • Length: 39 inch
  • Lifetime warranty

2. Boiling Water on the Dandelions

Boiling Water on the Dandelions

If you are looking for a grandmother’s remedy to remove the dandelions, we have a great solution for you! Did you know Beforehand that boiling water can help eliminate dandelions growing in the lawn?

Yes, it’s true, hot water (still boiling) successfully eradicate dandelions. For getting rid of dandelions simply dripping hot water on top of the dandelions plant. The dandelions will die and give you a beautiful green and healthy lawn. This method is not a quick and most effective way against dandelions.

Want to know the best method to kill dandelions?

Keep reading!

Be careful not to burn yourself with this boiling water. Wearing gloves and garden shoes may be the best idea.

3. Get Rid of  Dandelions with Vinegar

white vinegar weed killer

Vinegar is very often used as a natural ingredient in the recipe. It also works as the fastest and effective anti-dandelion. Here is the vinegar weed killer that you can choose for your next purchase-

You have poured down little vinegar the center of the dandelion plant, quite simply. Be sure the vinegar reaches the roots of the dandelion. It is better to mix 1-litter vinegar and 1-liter water (50:50) and spray on dandelion plants with a spray gun.

For an even more effective result add coarse salt to the base of the dandelion before pouring the vinegar. This is the quick way of eliminating dandelions, so what are you waiting for? Test it right now on your lawn.

4. Coarse Salt as Natural Anti Dandelion

Coarse Salt

It is also possible to use coarse salt to kill dandelions. For this anti-dandelion treatment it is necessary:

  1. Remove the flowers and dandelion leaves
  2. Put some coarse salt at the base of the dandelion plant
  3. Spray a little water on the coarse salt if the weather is arid

The coarse salt is an excellent natural weed killer to eradicate dandelions and other weeds. Let me know if you test on your lawn at home. How was the result?

5. Remove Dandelions with Borax

Borax powder

Borax often used as a household cleaning product. You may be a wonder that it also acts as a homemade weed killer.

How to Proceed

  1. Mix 100 g borax powder with 3 liters water
  2. Poured the solution in a spray bottle
  3. Spray the solution on dandelions leaves

Warning: It doesn’t know the difference between the turfs and weeds. So be careful to apply and also let not contact eyes and bare skin.

6. Dishwashing Soap/ Detergent

Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing Soap acts as herbicides. It destroys the wax coating of leaves to kill your dandelions.


  1. Mix 4 tablespoon detergent with 1-liter of water
  2. Spray on leaves with a spray bottle

Tips: For better result add more detergent. Also can add salt (1 cup) and vinegar (25-50% of water)

7. Corn Gluten Meal (CGM)

Corn Gluten Meal

We get corn gluten meal as a byproduct of maize starch by the wet-milling process. It is mainly used as food for pets. But it also acts as an effective organic pre-emergent herbicide. Actually it is a preventive way to get rid of dandelions crabgrass, purslane, and curly dock.

Want to know how does it work? Corn gluten contains an amino acid that prevents the root formation of weed. Here is the recommend CGM to remove dandelions from the lawn- Walt’s Corn Gluten Meal.

How to use corn gluten meal as a natural herbicide to remove dandelions?

-Spread 10 kg of corn gluten 1,000 square feet before the flowering stage. If the quality of soil is poor increase the amount of CGM. You can use a spreader to better distribution.

8. Hydrochloric Acid

HCl as weed killer

Hydrochloric acid also can use as a weed killer. Wear safety gear fast. Use a kitchen syringe to apply a concentrated it on the dandelion. Within 5-10 minutes, Dandelion will turn brown that indicates the beginning of the process of plant death.

9. Rubbing Alcohol

rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol(Isopropyl alcohol) can be used as a weed remover. It absorbs the moisture of the plant and the plant dies. How you can use it to remove dandelions?
Follow the steps:
  1. Mix 4 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of the alcohol.
  2. Pour the alcohol solution in a spray bottle.
  3. Apply on the dandelions on a sunny day.

10. Block the Sunlight

Block the Sunlight

Dandelion is a light-loving weed. If you prevent to get the sunlight they will die. But it is a less effective and time killing process. So I don’t recommend this method to remove dandelions. But take into consideration that dandelion love sunlight.

Mistakes to Avoid When Removing the Dandelions

When starting to fight dandelions, it is important to remember the errors that you always do.

 1.Leaving the root or its part in the soil: Dandelions can regrow from its roots or foliage part.

2. Belated wedding: You need to remove dandelions from the lawn before they are needed.

3. Leaving cut inflorescences: Even when cut, the inflorescences ripen and produce seeds. After vegetation or mowing, the entire vegetative mass must be removed from the beds.

Preventive Tips for Overgrown Dandelions

Each dandelion flower can produce up to 150 seeds and a plant can produce up to 5,000 seeds. It is also easily transported by the animals, the seeds can spread up to 30 kilometers further! It is therefore important to mow your lawn before seed formation. When you do it at more than 4 inches, which prevents the spread of dandelion.

On the other hand, if the dandelions and weeds have completely ravaged your beautiful lawn, you need to think about plowing your land and sowing seed again or laying turf.

But be careful, you have to sow very tight to leave no chance for dandelions and weeds to grow back on the lawn. You will probably have to treat your lawn against weeds 2 to 3 times.

Use early spring, mid-summer, and early fall to treat the lawn against dandelions and have a beautiful lawn all summer.

The quick preventive tips: Make sure that there are no empty areas on the lawn. This empty place is ideal for sprouting dandelion.

Endure the Dandelions on The Lawn

Why do you want to snatch dandelions from the lawn at all costs?

Did you know that dandelions are generally a sign of good health in your land? So why not just run the mower every week to remove the dandelions. Also, the dandelion plant is not in bloom throughout the summer so why so much effort to eliminate dandelions?

Beautiful Dandelions Look at how good it is to take beautiful pictures of dandelions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kills dandelions but not grass?

Dandelions are a broadleaf weed. So you can use broadleaf herbicide to kill only dandelions. Moreover, you can use selective herbicides. Selective herbicides can kill only weeds but don’t affect on plants. Here is the recommended broadleaf selective herbicide Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer

Removing dandelions with manual weed puller is another way to kills dandelions without killing grass or other plants.

When is the best time to kill dandelions with a herbicide?

Firstly, You have to choose the right herbicide for dandelions that will not kill other plants. To eliminate dandelions, You can use a special “anti-bindweed” weed killer, which destroys the broadleaf of the weeds.

Now; when to apply the herbicide? It is almost useless to apply it as soon as the yellow flower appears in spring. We must rather wait until it reaches a certain maturity. Indeed, as the product penetrates through the foliage, it must be sufficiently developed for the treatment to have maximum effectiveness. It may also be necessary to reapply a few weeks later.

Did you know that the best time to prevent dandelions? It is fall, from September to mid-October. Dandelion leaves are very large at the end of the summer and the herbicide used is very slow.

Is it better to apply a herbicide or uproot dandelions?

Everything depends on the quantity. If your lawn has only two or three dandelions, you can uproot them without any problem.

But if your lawn invades by hundreds of unwanted yellow flowers, herbicide treatment is required. Remember; the herbicide acts on the mature leaf. If you apply the treatment too early, the herbicide will be ineffective.

Does cornflour really help from dandelions?

It helps, but not against the already growing dandelions. You can prevent the germination of dandelion seeds. In early spring, when preparing the soil for sowing, scatter a thin layer of cornmeal on its surface.

When do dandelions bloom?

Dandelions need less than 12 hours of sunlight to bloom. They bloom in spring. But many cold regions, they bloom in summer. They produce ripen seed within 10-12 days after flowering.

Are dandelions poisonous to humans or cats?

The quick answer is NO. In fact, Raw dandelions are edible. We can eat it as a vegetable. It contains a very good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.

Moreover, It also contains Oxalates. The high amount of Oxalates can harm the human body. So It is okay to use a small quantity of dandelions in a salad.


I hope you like the article about how to get rid of dandelions. Lastly, I would like to tell you to maintain your lawn. If your lawn is denser and healthier, the fewer dandelions will take over your landscape. Thereafter you see the annoying dandelions in your yard. You know better what method should you follow.

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