How to Remove Dandelions from Lawn

10 Natural Way to Get Rid of Dandelions Permanently [Best Tools]

You just mowed your lawn and woe, stalks of dandelions grow everywhere!

Sounds sad! I know.

Yes, the good weather announces the return of dandelions! Although it is not toxic, that means is it less problematic? Not at all. Dandelions roots can row unto 16 inches. So it most hated by turfs lover. Also, many people don’t like to see dandelions invade the lawn in front of the house.

Good news; dandelion is the easiest weed to eliminate permanently. There are many mechanical, natural, and chemical ways to remove them.

Here I have discussed 10 proven environmentally friendly methods to remove dandelions from the lawn without damaging the turf.

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best way to water lawn

Best time & way to water lawn: Get all questions answered

All gardeners dream of having a green lawn around the house. To obtain a green lawn, they need different elements: oxygen, sunlight, fertilizer and especially water. without water, the blades of grass become dehydrated and fall back and overwatering cause of Ring Rot and Brown Patch diseases. That’s why proper watering to a lawn is necessary.

When we talk about the proper watering lawn, different questions come to our mind. How to water a lawn and when? How much water you should apply?

Don’t worry!

In this article, I will answer all those questions you think about lawn watering and also will explain the common mistakes made when you watering lawns.

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lawn care guide

How to Take Care Lawn: Lawn Care Calendar for Beginners

Who doesn’t want a healthy and beautiful lawn? It is one of the most desirable things of those who have eyes.  But it is impossible to achieve a clean, thick, and green lawn without regular care and maintenances.

Don’t worry! you don’t need to spend all your time maintaining a lawn. Only you have to know what steps you should take and when?

In this article, I have discussed how to take care of a lawn and also have added a lawn care calendar that will help to tell what work you have to do all year round.

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