lawn care guide

How to Take Care Lawn: Lawn Care Calendar for Beginners

Who doesn’t want a healthy and beautiful lawn? It is one of the most desirable things of those who have eyes.  But it is impossible to achieve a clean, thick, and green lawn without regular care and maintenances.

Don’t worry! you don’t need to spend all your time maintaining a lawn. Only you have to know what steps you should take and when?

In this article, I have discussed how to take care of a lawn and also have added a lawn care calendar that will help to tell what work you have to do all year round.

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Is A Banana Peel Edible

Is a banana peel edible or poisonous? [Nutrition and health risk]

After eating a banana. Banana peel has only one job. Guess what? To slip someone.

Do you also think that? It’s not wrong to think like that. I also thought that when my friend asked me about the benefits of banana peels. I didn’t know banana peel is edible or not? Even I thought banana peel is poisonous for humans. But I was dead wrong.

Then I did research and made a delicious recipe. Finally, I wanted to tell you that some elements considered as waste could actually be real treasures. Here I will tell you why you should put the banana peel on the plate rather than in the trash? I will reveal all its secrets here!

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15 Uses of Banana Peel in Garden & Daily Life [How to Guide]

Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world. Its fleshy skin represents 30 to 40% of the weight of the fruit. The worry is that we do not know what to do with banana peels. They always end up in the trash. But they have lots of garden and household uses.

Do you know why banana peels good for plants?

Banana peels are rich in minerals. That’s the only reason? There are also many reasons to use banana peels in your garden. The remarkable character is they release their nutrients very slowly.

Here I have discussed the different ways to use banana peels as well as their benefits and the method to apply banana peels in your garden.

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How to kill Weeds naturally

How to kill weeds without killing plant:15 homemade weedkiller

Need a natural weed killer to limit the weeds that invade your garden flower beds, driveway, yard or terrace? It’s true that weeds grow very fast! But that’s not a reason to use harmful chemicals like weed killers. Fortunately, there are alternative and ecological solutions. These are simple solutions that will not endanger the health of your children or pets.

You do not know how to do it?  Here are 15(method 14 is awesome) simple and natural ways to kill weeds in your garden without pesticides.

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