How to Care for Succulents While on Vacation?

Do you love succulents and have a preference for their varieties? If yes, then you surely have one at your home.

And they’re pretty much in good condition. Because you maintain proper care of it. Now you’re planning for a vacation. But you’re concerned about the plant. Because the plant would be left without care while you’re away.

So you’re searching how to provide succulents care on vacation?

It’s not that hard. You can water the plant before leaving for the vacation. Or just ask a friend to look for the plant in your absence. Or you can pay a home sitter to take care on your behalf. If you don’t want to rely on people, look for self-watering systems. Or just use timer devices.

To know more about each option, why don’t you keep reading the article?

What Are The Basic Needs of Succulents?- [Basic Care Guide]

You must have heard that succulents don’t need any care. You just have to buy the plant and keep it as you like. 

Well, we hate to break that to you. But succulents can not be kept without care. They are low maintenance. But still, there are factors you need to look for.

Otherwise, your succulent will have a premature death. That is something you wouldn’t want. 

So first let’s tell you about the basic needs of the plant. Once you know these, you’ll be able to take care of the plants better while on vacation.

Watering And Fertilizing Needs

Succulents are known to survive in low watering conditions. Actually, they love it.

In the wild, they live in drought-like conditions. And there’s very little rain in the areas where succulents grow. So they store water in their bodies which lasts from 14 days to a month.

So you can already understand that their water requirements are different. So when you water them, make sure the soil is completely dry.. 

Now you can check the soil using a moisture meter. They’re usually found in stores. And to be honest, this is a must-have tool for gardeners. So here’s a suggestion of our favorite moisture meters.

You can just use these to know if the moisture level is low. Or you can check the soil condition manually. For that, poke the soil with your fingers and see if the soil feels dry and cracky.

If yes, then it’s time to water the plants. Normally in summer and spring, you’ll have to water the plants every 14 days. But still, check the soil before watering. If it still feels damp, then wait for 2 more days before watering. 

Now let’s talk about the fertilizing needs of the plant. Well, it doesn’t need that much outside help to grow. But some extra nutrients do no harm to the plant. In that case, hydrogen peroxide can be a good choice for succulents.

You just have to dilute 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Then water the plant normally. It will work as both watering and fertilizing. You can fertilize the plants once a month.

Now let’s have a look at the lighting requirements. 

Lighting Needs

Succulents mostly grow in bright lighting conditions. But there’s a measurement on how much light you should provide them.

So you can keep them under direct sunlight for about 30minutes. And then shift them to indirect but bright sun lightning. Now keep them there for 6 hours straight. Or you can place them under LED grow lights. Maybe you would like to use fluorescent lights for the plant. And keep the plants under the lights for 6-7 hours.

But make sure to put them 12 inches away from the lights. So that the plant doesn’t get burnt. 

Temperature And Humidity Requirements

Well, keep the temperature of the plant around 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect and tolerable temperature for the plant. 

Some succulent species may survive in 40 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But that will stress out the plant. Soon, your plant will start to change its natural color to a brownish tone. 

So you should avoid keeping them in extreme temperatures. Just like temperature, humidity is another concern for succulents. 

High humidity can keep the plants moist for a longer period. And that is something we don’t want to. Because succulents grow fungus if put in a humid environment. So try to maintain the humidity between 70-80%. That’s what the plants will love.

Soil Quality And Pot Requirements

Lastly, the pot and soil where you planted the succulent are important. You need to use a pot with drainage holes underneath. So that extra water flows out through the holes.

And the soil should be one with proper drainage capability. For this reason, garden soil isn’t good for succulents. Because it has low drainage capability. But for succulents, you can switch to a DIY soil recipe.

Make one that will provide you with proper drainage. So that your plants are saved from root rot and fungal diseases.

So you’ve got the basic idea of succulent needs. Now you can better understand the caring process while on vacation.

Let’s have a look at that. 

How to Care for Succulents While on Vacation?- 5 Alternative Ways!

You may have to travel a lot for your job. Or you’re finally going on a long-awaited vacation. In both cases, you’re concerned about the plant while you’re gone.

Then you can just follow these simple ways.  And make sure the plant is not being tortured at home while you’re having fun on vacation. Let’s have a look at them.

Water The Plants Before You Go

There might be a plan for you to go on a long vacation. Then you can adjust the watering schedule depending on that. For example, you may have 30 days before going on vacation. In that case, you can water the plants right now and once more in the next 10days.

Continue doing this every 10days. So the last day of watering would be the day before you go on a vacation. If that’s a 10-15 days vacation, the plants will be good on their own.

But you may have a sudden change in your plan. In that case, just water the plant before you go. But if the soil is already damp, then avoid watering. Because underwatered succulents are better than overwatered ones.

But you can opt for a self-watering system. To know more scroll down.

Install Self Watering System

Now you may not have friends nearby. In that case, you can go for self-watering options. Like you can keep a plastic bottle filled with normal temperature water. Then take a shoelace and dip one end of it on the water.

Keep the other end on the succulent soil. This way, water will pass automatically through the lace to your plant. So self-watering is an efficient method for plants.

But you might want to speed up things and avoid the hassle. In that case, go for online self-watering tools. Just purchase one and set it up. Then you can stop worrying about the plant while you’re gone.

Use Timer Devices

You can also completely rely on devices for the plant caring process. They come as both mechanical and digital timer devices. They take care of the plants while you’re away. You can plug that in with a humidifier, grow lights, and watering system.

For example, they have a sprinkler. You set the timer to 10 days later. Then it will sprinkle water on the plants after 10days. The same goes for the humidifier and lights. It’s an expensive but effective way for plant care.

Hire A Home Sitter

But you may not want to rely on devices fully. Then you can hire a home sitter. Just note down when to water the plants. And list down all other requirements for your plant.

And they’ll make sure that the plant is in good hands while you’re away.

Or you can ask a friend for help. To know more about that follow the next option.

Ask A Friend for Help

You can seek help from a friend who lives nearby. Or take help from a neighbor if you trust them. Ask them to attend to the plants’ needs while you’re away on vacation.

You may be of a little help here as well. Before you go, place your plant on the window sill if it’s summer. This way, the plants will get indirect sunlight daily. And you’ll just need help from the friend regarding watering and temperature check.

If the temperature fluctuates, they can turn the AC on or start the heater. So that the plant lives within the mentioned temperature range.

So that’s all the options on caring for succulents while you’re on vacation.


Question: Can I place the succulents outside when I am on vacation?

Answer: Well, that would be a bad decision. Because the plant will be exposed to direct sunlight. And succulents can not stand direct sunlight for a longer time. 

Question: How can I fertilize my succulents while on vacation?

Answer: Well, you don’t. You can just fertilize the plants before you go on vacation. And succulents don’t need many fertilizers to grow.

Question: Can I place the succulents in the garage while I am away?

Answer: No you can’t. Garage and basements are mostly dark and don’t have a sunlight source. These sorts of places are not suitable to keep succulents. 

Parting Words

Hey! You made it to the end of the article. Now you know how to take succulents care on vacation. Hope you can use these solutions when needed.

If you have any questions, do ask in the comment box.

Happy Vacation!

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