7 Reasons Why Succulents Are Good For Home Feng Shui & Good Luck

Just like other green plants, succulents are extremely beneficial for your home. They can enhance the aesthetic of your home space with a splash of green. 

Apart from this side, it’s considered a fortune bringer according to the feng shui lore. Keeping succulents at home can keep the negative energy away. Thus, they are perfect for home feng shui. 

 So, what are the reasons for keeping succulents for home feng shui? 

Succulents are extremely popular among homeowners for many reasons. It creates a safe air space alongside a soothing ambiance. Moreover, it can remove toxins and has healing power as well. Finally, it can create a balance and fight off the negative energy.  

That was just the gist of it. We’ve got a lot more ahead. Stick with us till the end. It’ll be worth the time. 

Why Are Succulents Good for Home Feng Shui? [7 Reasons Explained]

Keeping succulents will take you closer to nature. It can combat your stress and help you to relax. The soothing green color will definitely release your anxiety. Moreover, it adds to your home decoration. 

So, keeping it can change the aesthetic of your house. It gives you a comforting indoor environment.  Apart from the absolutely pleasing outlook and aesthetic, succulents are popular for feng shui.

 It’s even widely believed that succulents can bring in good fortune. Thus, keeping succulents can be really beneficial for the homeowner. Here we’ve discussed quite a few reasons for this. Let’s dive into it-

Providing A Soothing and Calming Ambience 

Succulents are very beginner-friendly. They can be easily maintained and don’t burden the owner with more pressure. Its beautiful outlook can change the whole ambiance of your room. 

The soothing green touch and the vibrance that they radiate can soothe anyone’s mind. It can release stress also. Keeping them around you can change the aesthetic of your house completely. 

Putting succulents on the tabletop helps you to focus even more. During the pandemic time, a lot of people chose succulent plant parenting to pass their free time. It’s really helpful for coping up with their health. 

Thus keeping a succulent can be very good for the outlook as well as your mental sanity.  

Creating A Healthy Breathing Environment 

Just like all other plants, succulents are a good source of oxygen. It clears the air from carbon-di-oxide. Any photosynthetic plant can enhance indoor air quality. The same goes for succulents too. 

Another good thing about succulent is, unlike other plants, it creates oxygen at night. This quality makes it a better choice for improving the breathing space quality. 

But for proper dosage of oxygen, you need 2-3 green plants per 100 square feet. So, keep plants accordingly and ensure a safe and healthy breathing space.  

The perfect oxygen level for healthy breathing is around 21%. But how can you measure and assure this? 

An oxygen meter can help you in this regard. But if you lack in-depth knowledge about it, buying one can be tough. Hence we provided that list for your help-

Just grab one from this. These are our best picks and you won’t regret them. 

Removing Harmful Toxins from the Air  

Succulents got overwhelming popularity for their ability to remove toxins. Snake plants and some other succulents are even proved to clean the air quality. 

Toxic elements like benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde can be absorbed by them. As our indoor air is full of chemicals and harmful particles. And we spend most of our time there. 

Hence, keeping the air clean of pollutants is extremely important. Keeping a succulent can prevent this volatile component harm.  Their toxin absorbing power is proven by NASA even. 

So, the air cleaning quality has increased succulents popularity even more. But only keeping 1-2 plants can’t clean the whole room’s air. You must ensure 3-4 succulents per square foot to make sure air is completely clean. 

Healing Properties 

Many succulents, mostly from the aloe family have healing properties. They have been used in skin and hair care for more than a thousand years. In Indian Ayurveda, it’s considered a very important element.

As these succulents can wound and basic scars, they’re used in modern skincare products as well. This healing energy has made them an epitome of good energy. 

Their rich antibacterial components can nourish dry cells. But direct ingestion of the gel can be really harmful. So, unprescribed use of aloe isn’t appreciated at all.

Bringing Good Luck and Abundance Of Wealth

Succulents with round leaves that resemble coins are believed to bring lady luck. Jade plants and rubber trees are top picks for this purpose. 

These plants are widely used as a housewarming gift. Businessmen place it in the front expecting abundance of wealth. Their vibrant look is believed to bring fortune for the owner. 

So, you can keep a succulent in your wealth corner for the betterment of your earnings. But keeping a rubber tree is high-maintenance, unlike other succulents. You must ensure good soil condition and a watering routine. 

As dried succulents can harm the good luck feng shui. This care-taking part is immensely important. 

But are you wondering how can I test my soil to ensure the best condition? Okay, the answer is with a soil tester kit. Here are some recommendations for you as well. Hope this comes in help-

These are literally our favorites and the most accurate. So, you won’t regret choosing either one from this list. 

Counteracting the Negative Vibe and Flowing Positive Energy

Succulents have this strong power of flowing positive energy. It fills the home ambiance with a good green buzz. 

It’s believed in Chinese feng shui lore that some succulents can fight off negative chi energy. Snake plants are literally the best pick for this purpose. 

Not only snake plants, but the plants of the dracaena variety are also hugely known for boosting positive energy. Keeping one of them in your home can fight off the negativity.  

Representing Balance and Power of Adaptiveness

Most succulents are very adaptive in nature. Irregular watering and neglect don’t affect it seriously. Some succulents can live in inadequate lighting even. This quality symbolizes the willpower to cope up in any situation. 

A lot of people have admitted keeping succulent during their sickness helped them a lot. Their succulents gave them immense hope and strength. This symbolizing is utterly important for the owner.

Hence, by keeping a succulent you can enjoy all these facilities. It’ll keep your house clean and safe. Moreover, by bringing the lady luck to your house. You can even enjoy a pleasant home environment. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one for your home too. 

Hence, choose one of your choices and enjoy it. For further information about maintenance and others contact a florist if needed. 


Question: Is it good to have succulents at home?

Answer: Succulents are a kind of plant, so keeping them at home is always good. They refresh the air and absorb the toxins. So it’s always a good decision to keep succulents at home. With a touch of green and fresh air, it enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Question: Do succulents release oxygen at night?

Answer: Just like other plants, succulents are a good source of oxygen. They absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and provide oxygen. But plant photosynthesis occurs during the day, in the presence of sunlight. During the night most plants respire like other beings, they create carbon-di-oxide. But succulents produce oxygen during the night too. 

Question: Are Succulents considered lucky?

Answer: As per feng shui believers succulents are believed to bring good luck to your home. They can fight off the negative vibe and bring wealth to the keeper. Even though some people think the whole feng shui thing is illogical. Still keeping succulents believing they’re fortune bringer is widely popular. 


With this, we’re parting our ways. Hope this post answers your questions about succulents for home feng shui.

Even if you’re not a sole believer of feng shui, keeping succulents is still a wise decision. It’ll enhance the breathing space and provide a calming green touch. 

So, choose your succulent considering your home space situation. We hope that’ll bring you lady luck. Until next time, happy gardening. 

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