Basil Leaves Turning Brown

Why Are the Basil Leaves Turning Brown? [Causes & Treatment]

Basil plants are easy to grow aromatic herbs. And they need low maintenance and care. Yes! You read that right.

Still, the basil faces some problems. Browning leaves of basil is one of the biggest problems for the growers.

But the question; why do basil plant leaves turn brown?

In short, Lack of sunlight, over and under watering, size of pots, environmental stress, diseases, and pets are the main culprits of Basil leaves turning brown.

For your convenience, Here I will discuss the causes of basil leaves to turn brown with the best solutions.

 So, if you want to keep your basil from turning brown, read the article carefully-

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How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Basil

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Basil?[Causes &Treatment]

Basil leaves have healing and healthful properties for humans. They are good for digestion, skin, depression, diabetes, blood flow, eyesight, and immunity. So, gardeners love to grow basil. But the saddest thing is brown spots on basil leaves.

You are here means you are in the same problem. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Because the brown spots are the biggest problem that every basil growers face.

Fungal infestation, insects, bacterial diseases, and cultural activities can be the reason for brown spots. So, you should know every possible reason to take effective steps.

And in this article, I have covered every detail about brown spots on basil leaves with the most effective solutions.

So, without losing your valuable time, let’s get started-

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holes in basil leaves

3 Reasons Why Holes in Basil Leaves [Complete Treatment]

Basil is easy to grow edible herbs that people love to grow both indoor and outdoor. Yes! It is easy to grow but producing the perfect leaves is not so easy.

The small and tiny holes in basil plant leaves are the main obstacle to get perfect and healthy leaves. And there are a lot of causes of holes in the basil plant leaves such as insects, diseases, and animals.

The good news; there are a lot of ways to protect the basil plants from creating pinholes.

In this article, I am going to discuss every possible reason behind the holes in basil leaves with the most effective controlling measures.

So, without further ado, let’s get started-

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Black Spots on Basil leaves

Black Spots on Basil – The 360-Degree Solution

Basil is a pretty common detox. However, this doesn’t mean that the plant is immune to diseases.

Basil plants can get into various types of problems. And black spots on basil is one of those. Now if you’re producing basil for personal use then this might not be a huge problem. But if you’re planning on sending basil leaves to the market, then it’s time to be concerned.

A normal solution of black spots on the basil plant is removing the leaves. But this has more to it.

Here’s the thing-

You have to treat the plant pretty fast. Because the more you wait, the more is the chance of spreading the disease.
Now, let’s stop wasting any more time, and jump right into the details-

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White spots on basil

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Basil Leaves [Treatment]

You are here which means you have found white spots on basil leaves and stems. Now a lot of questions are revolving into your head. What has happened to my basil? How to remove the white spots? Is it safe to eat? etc.

Basil is the most growing vegetables all over the world. Generally, basil can overcome different plant problems by itself. But it also needs some care to prevent some diseases or problems like white or yellow spots on basil.


Before taking any steps, you should know what the main cause of it is. Sometimes white spots on herb are so common. No need to take any action. Sometimes nutrient deficiency, insects, diseases (powdery mildew), cultural problems, or weather conditions may cause white spots on basil.

This article will help you to identify the exact reason for this problem and its solution.

Let’s get started-

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