Gardenia yellow leaves

7 Reasons for Gardenia Yellow Leaves [Troubleshooting Guide]

People love gardenia for its white, creamy bloom and sweet fragrance. But the dark green leaves enhance the overall beauty of the plant. Most importantly, the green leaves directly involve the production of long-lasting flowers.

But if you notice your gardenia leaves are turning yellow, then it is high time to take care of your gardenias to save them. Otherwise, your plant will die or produce a poor set of blooms.

Now the question; why gardenia leaves turn yellow?

Yellow leaves on the gardenia plant may be caused by nutritional deficiency, over and under watering, imbalance of soil pH, lack of sunlight, Diseases, and Insects.

So, before taking any actions to fix the gardenia yellow leaves, you must know what exactly happens to the gardenia. Here I have discussed every possible reason for this problem with effective control measures.

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