White spots on basil

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Basil Leaves [Treatment]

You are here which means you have found white spots on basil leaves and stems. Now a lot of questions are revolving into your head. What has happened to my basil? How to remove the white spots? Is it safe to eat? etc.

Basil is the most growing vegetables all over the world. Generally, basil can overcome different plant problems by itself. But it also needs some care to prevent some diseases or problems like white or yellow spots on basil.


Before taking any steps, you should know what the main cause of it is. Sometimes white spots on herb are so common. No need to take any action. Sometimes nutrient deficiency, insects, diseases (powdery mildew), cultural problems, or weather conditions may cause white spots on basil.

This article will help you to identify the exact reason for this problem and its solution.

Let’s get started-

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Rubber Plant Drooping Leaves? [Causes & Control Measures]

Your Rubber plant dropping lots of leaves? And downward dropping leaves are also turning yellow or brown and falling down?

You don’t know what should you do? Don’t worry you are not alone who are facing this problems. And you know why do the rubber plant leaves droop is one of the most asked questions in the gardening forum.

Here I am going to assist you to identify actually what happened to your rubber plant and what steps you should take.

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