10 Best Fertilizer For Grapes 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

The painstaking process of growing grapes has been observed for centuries. Getting the perfect balance of nutrients to develop the crispest grapes is a difficult thing that continues to face grape farmers.

We took this challenge and solved it with science, conducting extensive research on juice, wine, table, and other varieties of grapes to reach the perfect fertilizer for several categories.

Our grape fertilizer project is intended to provide grapes with a well-balanced mixture of nutrients, supporting the health of the plant and maintaining more nutrients to reach the fruit.

Working on soil testing, tissue sampling, Brix testing, and other studies, we listed some of the best fertilizer for grapes to enhance yield, taste, and vine health.

Want to know; what’s the best fertilizer for grapes?

Grapes require macronutrients, including phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. The vine also needs micronutrients, like copper, zinc, and iron. Rendering the most beneficial nutrients and soil requirements ensures healthy plants that attain their maximum potential. So, you should choose a fertilizer that fulfills your grape necessity.

For your convenience, I listed and reviewed the 10 best fertilizers for grapes and you can pick any of these for all the varieties of grapes including Thompson grapes, red grapes, wine grapes, concord grape,bullis grapes, and young muscadine grapes.

So without further ado, let’s get started-

In A Hurry? Here is the overall best fertilizer for grapes that you may pick right now-

Best Fertilizers For Grapes-Comparisons

Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer5-5-2Organic
J R Peters Jacks Classic Fertilizer20-10-20Inorganic
Jobe's Berry Granular Plant Food4-4-3Organic
Vine Vitality Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate2-5-0.2Organic
Espoma Fruit&Berry Food4-3-4Organic
Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes15-5-10Inorganic
Botanicare GRAPE Mineral Supplement fertilizer0-0-0Organic
Jobe's 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike9-12-12Inorganic
EcoScraps Berry Plant Food4-5-4Organic
Winchester Berry Granular Fertilizer2-3-4Organic

Best Fertilizers For Grapes-Reviews

1.Dr. Earth 708P Organic  Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Dr. Earth 708P Organic  Fruit Tree FertilizerThe organic fertilizer formulated by Dr. Earth fits for most kinds of plants, but particularly for fruity trees and shrubs. So, it is the best organic fertilizer for grapes. Let’s see why-

It contains a 5-5-2 ratio of NPK that stimulates healthy root growth and better fruit sets. The good news; the 5% nitrogen comes in a water-insoluble form. That means the nitrogen releases slowly and feeds the grape plants continuously without the risk of leaves damage and burning.

Also, you will be happy to know; It contains 100% natural and organic compounds. And the containing compounds are feather, cottonseed, kelp, alfalfa, and even seaweed feed and essences.

As you saw; all the ingredients are natural and organic and that’s why it is OMRI certified organic fertilizer.

Like with most organic products, this one too has an organic smell. However, the smell seems to disappear within 24 hours. So, you can apply this fertilizer to your indoor and outdoor plants.

It includes no GMOs, chicken manure, or sewage sludge but carries probiotic, seven champion strains of useful soil microbes plus Ecto and endo mycorrhizae excite hearty root growth.

Sprinkle 1-2 cups around the plants near the plant roots, mix into the soil gently, and water the plant to start feeding.


2.J R Peters Inc 52524 Jacks Classic Citrus Food Fertilizer

J R Peters Inc 52524 Jacks Classic Citrus Food FertilizerHere is the best water-soluble fertilizer for grapes from J R Peters. It is intended to support citrus trees flourish but It also works great for grapes. It includes a well-balanced mix of the nutrients that the grapes require the most. 

20-10-20 is the NPK ratio of this fertilizer and the ratio is enough to provide the required nutrients to your grapevines. The nutrients come in a water-soluble form that can feed your plant quickly. That’s why this is the perfect fertilizer for most hungry plants.

Also, the fertilizer contains some other nutrients including 1% magnesium, 4/9% sulfur, 0.02% boron,0.05% copper,0.15% iron,0.075% manganese,0.05% zinc and 0.0009% molybdenum.

This formula with intensified micronutrient levels will render strong branches, vibrant green leaves, and more fruit.

Good news; most of the trace nutrients have a chelated coat that protects the nutrients from soil reactions and keep them always available for plants.

It is an inorganic fertilizer and it is derived from some nontoxic chemicals such as urea, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, boric acid, and EDTA.

When the fertilizer is sprinkled over the plant, the grapes tree will absorb nutrients within both the roots and the leaves and help you to get the grapes plant to build stronger limbs and fuller, greener foliage with lots of fruit sets.

Mix 1-2 tablespoons into a gallon of water, pour the solution on the plants, and get healthy vines and juicy fruits.


3.Jobe’s Organics 09727 Berry Granular Plant Food

Jobe's Organics 09727 Berry Granular Plant FoodThis formula from Jobe’s Organic is formed with the brand’s microbe Biozome with archaea, intended to tear down the nutrients that are previously started in the soil so that the plants can get them more readily. It further assists enhance the soil over time.

It contains a 4-4-3 NPK ratio that indicates 4% of nitrogen, 4% of phosphate, and 3% of Potash. You will be happy to know, it contains 2.8% water-insoluble nitrogen and you know water-insoluble nutrient feeds the plant slowly and continuously. Also, it contains 1.2% water-soluble nitrogen as a quick-release nutrient for most hungry plants.

Besides NPK, it also contains 0.5% magnesium and 1% sulfur to meet the nutritional demand of the grapes.

This fertilizer is derived from some organic chemicals such as feather meal, bone meal, poultry manure, and sulfate of potash. That’s why It is an OMRI-listed organic fertilizer for gardeners.

The most likable feature of this fertilizer is-

It has Biozome. That means it contains a natural blend of some beneficial soil microbes that protect the plants from stress and promotes root growth.

If you’re looking for a fertilizer that’s intended for organic gardening, this is an excellent choice. It includes no unnatural chemicals and is kid and pet-friendly plus it’s secure for the environment. Plus, it’s manufactured in the USA.

Sprinkle 1 cup of fertilizer around the plants, mix properly into the surface soil and water to get a healthy grapes plant with abundant fruit sets.


4.Vine Vitality Nutrient Rich Fish & Kelp Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate

Vine Vitality Nutrient Rich Fish & Kelp Liquid Fertilizer ConcentrateIf you are looking for the best organic liquid fertilizer for grapes, then Vine Vitality All Purpose Formula is perfect for you.

It contains 2% of nitrogen, 5% of phosphate, and 0.2% of the potash that increases the blooms, fruit set and improves the fruit’s quality. 

Vine Vitality improves plant growth through a secure and natural blend that maximizes nutrient consumption in an environmentally friendly approach. Ideal for Organic farming and gardening. It contains No dangerous chemicals – Safe for practice around children or pets.

How can I be sure about that?

Because it is derived from hydrolyzed fish and kelp meal and you will be happy to know fish and kelp meal are the natural source of plant nutrients. Also, it is an OMRI-certified organic fertilizer.

Vine Vitality has demonstrated that developing naturally can change destruction to the soil and increase plant resilience. And it stimulates root growth and increases yields significantly. 

It is produced from freshwater fish, through a hydrolyzed cold manner to preserve useful amino acids, proteins, and minerals that intensify healthy, efficient, and abundant growing! 

This natural compound also includes mineral-rich kelp to stimulate growth, enhance fruiting and flowering, and give protection to disease, insects, and frost. Applied as a foliar spray, nutrients are accessible to the plant directly, while also supporting the long-term advantages of a living soil through improving microbial action and returning critical nutrients. 

Mix Vine Vitality concentrate1 oz. Per gallon of water and treat your plant monthly throughout the developing season.


5.Espoma Fruit & Berry Food

Espoma Fruit & Berry FoodEspoma is renowned for its organic fertilizer and here is the best organic fertilizer for grapes from Espoma. It is a Biofertilizer that feeds your plants gently without doing any harm.

This fertilizer is 4-3-4 NPK ratio and that means it contains 4% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, and 4% potassium. Great news, it contains 2.5% water-insoluble nitrogen for feeding slowly and 1.2% water-soluble nitrogen for most hungry grapes.

It is derived from some organic compounds like Feather Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Poultry Manure, Greensand, Sulphur, Bone Meal, and Magnesium. All are great sources of food for grapes, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

Also, it contains some non-plant food ingredients to create a favorable environment for plant roots. 

To get the better grapes-

Serve your grape plants two times every year. First, feed the grapes in early spring. Next, feed the grapes in late spring or you can feed them 40 to 60 days after initial spring application. Do not feed grapes in winter.

For one or two plants use 1 cup per foot of branch range. Double the quantity, if the branch range is three feet or longer.


6.Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes

Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food SpikesMiracle-Gro 4852012 does it comfortable to feed your plants. The spikes are pre-measured with the fertilizer, so you plant it and everything is done.

It contains an NPK ratio of 15-5-10 that indicates 15% of Nitrogen, 5% of phosphorus, and 10% of potassium. it will greatly help to grow the vegetative part of your grape tree.

The best part of the spike fertilizer is-

It doesn’t wash out too quickly by water runoff. So, the fertilizer can’t do any harm to nature and feed the plant continuously without wasting the nutrients.

You can perceive more fruit and denser foliage than if you don’t feed your plants. These goods do include natural elements, but it isn’t registered as organic.

It lets you feed your grape plants once each season (spring plus fall). It is intended for grape plants, but it can likewise be utilized on citrus trees, palm trees.

The easy-to-use spike method delivers the nutrients right to the roots. You get more powerful roots, more abundant fruits, and more vigorous plants.

The spikes are simple to apply. You prep the spike by placing it on the lid. Put every spike around the tree’s drip line – it’s that easy!

You do get 12 spikes in the box. One or two spikes are enough for a grapes plant depending on the size and length.


7.Botanicare BCNSSWGQT SWEET GRAPE Mineral Supplement fertilizers

Botanicare BCNSSWGQT SWEET GRAPE Mineral Supplement fertilizersSweet carbo grape is the newest addition to the primary line of flavored carbohydrate additives to meet its predecessor’s performance by providing plants with the necessary energy they require during their whole growth cycle. 

Sweet grape includes excellent carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, esters, and essential secondary and trace components that are used for the biosynthesis of the crucial compound to keep optimum metabolism and improve plant’s natural production.

Actually, it does not contain any primary nutrients. So, it can’t help the overall plant health. It only helps you to get sweet and flavored grapes.

So, if the soil contains enough nutrients for the plant and the plant health is good enough, you can apply this fertilizer to get better grapes.

Botanicare SWEET is advised for application at 8ml per gallon of water during the bloom cycle.


8.Jobe’s 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike

Jobe's 100046754 1612 Fertilizer SpikeThis slow-release fertilizer by Jobe’s for fruit and citrus plants that is the most suitable pick for grapes. It also comes in spike formula. Let’s see what inside the fertilizer bags-

The fertilizer contains a 9-12-12 NPK ratio for providing the primary nutrients for grapes. And the ratio is good enough to meet the nutritional demand of your grapes and other fruit trees.

You know spike fertilizer can’t wash out easily and you will be happy to know there is no exception to this fertilizer.

The fertilizer derived from some inorganic chemicals but from our research, we learn that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. So, you can pick this fertilizer for your grapes without hesitation for tasty and healthy fruits without any mixing risks, smell, mess, and destructive runoff.

Inject one of these spikes into the soil around every tree’s drippings at the beginning of spring when your trees begin to grow and reapply in the late fall. Acting this implies that all you have to do this season is to give your greens with a suitable amount of water.


9.EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Berry Plant Food

EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Berry Plant FoodThis organic fertilizer from Eco Straps is one of the most environmentally friendly fertilizers around. It comprises recycled leftovers from a mixture of various food waste, lessening landfill waste while also releasing the natural nutrients your plants demand to thrive.

This fertilizer has a 4-5-4 NPK ratio that means 4% of nitrogen, 5% of phosphorus, and 4% of potassium. This is a very suitable ration for grapes.

This is a great choice if you are growing grapes. It further works well for other berry plants, too, like raspberries and strawberries. This all-in-one blend is simple to use and is assured to provide consistent feeding, no concern where you spread it.

This bag is slightly on the small side at only 4 pounds. Though you don’t necessitate a lot for a separate application, you’ll practice a bit more with indoor plants or anything that needs regular fertilizing. It runs with fresh and existing plants as well as potted indoor plants.


10.Winchester Gardens Select Organics Berry Granular Fertilizer

Winchester Gardens FertilizerThe Winchester Gardens selected Berry Granular Fertilizer is excellent for both your outdoor and indoor garden plants. It also assists to provide healthy grapes by adjusting the soil condition from its all-natural ingredient.

It is a stand-alone organic fertilizer with a combination of 2% water-insoluble Nitrogen, 3% phosphate, 4% potash, 0.5% Magnesium, and 1% Sulphur that boosts all-round growth, and needs no necessary additives. 

The application method is simple; it is a ready-to-use organic granulated grape fertilizer carried with a measuring spoon, so you don’t have to work so much. All you have to arrange is get a scoop of this fertilizer and use them to the bottom of your grape plant and water.

The Winchester Garden Select Organic Fertilizer provides good outcomes in all season, but we suggest you use them in the spring, about a month or more are the growing grapes are set, to let the fertilizer take some time to break down before they support the soil, as they are natural and organic. This time of application would be better related to applying it in the fall when you are not planting anything.


When to Fertilize Grapes?

Try to fertilize before mid-summer. Delayed fertilization can drive late-season growth when the plant should be directing into a dormant phase. Late development may weaken the grape vine’s capability to withstand the winter and change its growth the next year.

Grapes planted in stable, healthy soil may not need fertilization.

To manage the condition of your soil have it examined at a local garden center. Garden centers examine the ratio of alkalinity and acidity in soils (their pH). Grapes thrive best in soils with a pH scale of 5.5-7.0 ( The Fruit Gardener’s Bible, pg 108).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow bigger grapes?

To get bigger and healthy grapes, you should apply proper plant nutrients and water. Also, pruning and time to time harvesting can help your grapes to grow bigger.

Is chicken manure good for grapes?

Chicken manure is a beneficial soil supplement. It adds organic things and enhances water-retaining capabilities. Also, chicken manure provides Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium to your plants (more than cow, horse or steer manure).

So, you can add chicken manure to the grape. But don’t add too much. Too much chicken manure makes the plant bushy without fruits.

Are coffee grounds good for grapevines?

Coffee grounds deliver grape producers with numerous advantages. Their organic substance added to soil aids water preservation and works as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the vines, which encourages growth. Using coffee grounds for grapevines also lessens waste if the areas would have unless been tossed into the garbage.

Are banana peels good for the grapes?

Banana peels contain primary nutrients for the plants. After they decompose, they supply potassium as well as reasonable amounts of magnesium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. The best part of the banana peel is, it acts as a slow-release fertilizer. So, undoubtedly banana peels are good for grapes.

Is Epsom salt good for grapevines?

Epsom salt can be helpful for grapevine if the soil has a lack of magnesium. Because Epsom salt contains enough magnesium for plants.

Is Miracle-Grow good for grapes?

Miracle-Grow is a popular brand among gardeners. They produce lots of organic and inorganic fertilizer. You can pick Miracle-Gro fruit fertilizer for your grapes.

Why are my grapes so tiny?

There are some causes for grapes that cause small grapes. In order, they involve young plants incapable to support growth and provide not enough water throughout the fruit maturation period. Also, the over-fertilization, temperatures, stress, and insect and pest can be the reason of tiny grapes.

Is 10-10-10 fertilizer good for grapevines?

Grapes (Vitis spp.) don’t require much fertilization in the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10, with extensive root formations that can extract nutrients from fully below the ground surface. A full, well-balanced fertilizer is all that’s important, and the 10-10-10 is the most usually suggested strength. This provides the vine the potential it needs to provide juicy, sweet, fruit every year.

Last Words

I hope you picked the best fertilizer for your grapes through my writing. Also, I have tried to describe everything that you should want to know about grapes fertilizing.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or directly contact us. We have much more content that can assist you. Take a look at them if you need them. Happy Gardening!

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