How to kill a tree :7 Effective ways & practical experiences

The killing tree is the fastest way to destroy the world. So, you should welcome trees on your properties. But sometimes it’s become necessary to kill a tree against your will, Because of its invasiveness, to gain light or among other reasons.

Some trees don’t die quickly. They regrowth again and again from their root system. Moreover, some people think to put bolts and nails in the trees will kill them. Think smart! Bolting and nailing just damage the tree. So, How to kill and prevent the regrowth of a tree effectively? Before start give me Words, Never kill a tree unnecessarily.


There are three methods of killing a tree: Mechanical, Chemical, and Fire. Here are these three methods explained step by step.

Method 1: Mechanically

  • Girdling or Starving The Tree

    Girdling or Starving the Tree
    Girdling or Starving The Tree

The item will be needed-

  1. Hand Saw (Our pick: Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw)
  2. Hatchet(Our pick: Estwing Sportsman’s Axe)

The most popular mechanical method is girdling. With the help of this method, you will kill a tree without chopping it down. Is girdling effective to kill pine trees? The answer is YES! You can kill almost every large species of plants including pine, cottonwood, maple, and large sycamore tree, etc. Girdling is the proven method to kill a plant.

Let’s discuss the steps you have to do?

Remove bark around the circumference of trees is called girdling. After removing the bark, the plant can’t transport essential nutrients from the leaves to the roots and plants die. But it’s a prolonged process. You should cut around the bark as deep as possible with a hatchet or a hand saw. For quick kill make a second cut and around the circumference of your tree. The operation can be done at any time of the year.

  • Cutting Down A Tree

    Cutting Down A Tree
    Cutting Down A Tree

The item will be needed-

  1. Chainsaw (Our Pick: WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw)

Cutting down a tree is another effective method to kill a plant that you already know. if you feel uncomfortable tackling, you should hire a professional to cut down your trees. Do you want to know how to cut down a tree quickly using a chainsaw? Scroll down.

Remember cutting down means not killing for some species. The plant will regrowth from its root system.

That’s why you should remove the roots from the soil after cutting down the tree. But sometimes it’s not easy to remove. Don’t panic! This the best article where you will get the answer to your question. Keep reading.

Our Practical Experiences

how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw
Cutting Down A Tree With Chainsaw

The Required Items and a quick Recommendation :

  1. Reinforced boots -(Our pick: CQR Men’s Ankle Boots EDC Outdoor Assault)
  2. Helmet -(Our pick: PETZL Ventilated Helmet)
  3. Mask -(Our pick: 3M Rugged Respirator 6503QL)
  4. Best chainsaw for felling trees-(Our pick: WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw)


  • Before start cutting, make sure there are no underground networks of the house (gas, electricity, water, septic tank).

Note: The networks are also theoretically signaled by a color warning grid located 30 cm above the network: Telephone network (the most superficial, located 30-50 cm from the surface), Electricity (40-80 cm), Gas (40-80 cm), Drinking water (90-120 cm).

  1. Check the absence of children or animals near the site.
  2. Wear reinforced boots, a helmet, goggles, and a mask to avoid breathing dust.
  3. Clear the area at least 1 m of radius to avoid any deterioration of material or plant and remove loose branches overhead. Cover the Place with a cloth all around if you do not want to soil on your lawn because the saw is throwing chips.
  4. Fell the trees opposites of their lean or call professionals if you feel uncomfortable tackling.
  5. Start the engine of your chainsaw and make a 70 degree cut on the side facing the direction you want to fall. Cut a depth of ¼ of tree diameter. (Image: Cut 1)
  6. For the next cuts, turn your chainsaw sideways and cut horizontally to meet your first cut that creates a notch. Ensure the cuts meet. (Image: Cut 2)
  7. For feeling cut, move the opposite direction and make a horizontal cut slightly above your previous cuts. (Image: Cut 3)
  8. Insert a wedge when you have enough room
  9. Finish the cut be sure not to touch the wedge with your chainsaw blade

Note: Don’t cut through, leave at least 10 % of the width as a hinge. When the tree begins to fall move quickly from there.

Method 2: Chemically

The chemical method involves injecting a chemical that accelerates the decomposition of the plant wood. It takes several months and sometimes requires multiple injections when the subjects are vigorous.

Currently, few products are authorized because of their dangerousness of use and their toxicity relative to the aquatic environment in particular. Ammonium sulphamate and sodium chlorate are no longer allowed. It is advantageous to use Epsom salt or even rock salt(homemade tree-killer) are less aggressive for the environment and other plants.

  • Kill A Tree With Salt

    how to kill a tree with salt
    Killing A Tree With Salt Water

The item will be needed-

  1. Drill (Our pick: BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill)
  2. Epsom Salt(Our pick: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt)
  3. Spray Bottle(Our pick: Rayson Empty Spray Bottle)

Killing a plant with salt has a scientific explanation. Magnesium and Potassium are essential (macro) nutrients for plants which are the vital element for making chlorophyll. Sodium(Contain in Salt) prevents the natural uptake of Magnesium and Potassium that hindered chlorophyll production. Also for this dehydrating the tissues by osmosis. That means the plant will die definitely.

How to kill a tree with rock salt?

Here are the steps:

  1. Drill and create a downward hole around the trees
  2. Mix 3 cups of water and 6 cups of salt
  3. Fill the holes with the salt solution
  4. Monitor and refill the holes with more solution
  5. Repeat this process until the tree becomes dried.

Note: Salts work every plant around the tree. That’s why it is not advisable to just pour salts onto the roots. You should follow some steps to save lives around that plant.

  • How To Kill A Plant With Herbicides

how to kill a tree with herbicides
kill A Tree With Herbicides

The item will be needed-

  1. Herbicides (Our pick: RM43 Weed Preventer )
  2. Drill (Our pick: BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill)
  3. Spray Bottle (Our pick: Rayson Empty Spray Bottle)

There are several types of herbicides available in the market. Moreover, several methods to apply herbicides. Specific herbicides are work well in specific methods. The chemical method is very effective to kill a big tree fast.

List of Chemicals(Herbicides) Use to Kill A Tree

Methods Herbicides
Cut surface Treatment Dicamba, Glyphosate
Foliage Treatment Metsulfuron,Triclopyr, Amitrole, Dichlorprop, Fosamine
Strump Treatment Imazapyr, Triclopyr, Glyphosate.
Soil Treatment Hexazinone, Imazapyr, Hexazinone, Tebuthiuron

Cut Surface Treatment

Cut surface treatment is a convenient method to kill a large tree. To do this, create a vertical hole by using a drill or make a notch with a chainsaw and immediately apply the herbicides.

This method is very effective to kill palm trees. Generally, one dose is enough to kill the plant but if you are a Patienceless person like me, you should apply another dose when the drilled hole dries up.

Foliage Treatment

Spraying foliage is the common method to apply herbicides(Amitrole, Dichlorprop, Fosamine, Glyphosate Metsulfuron and Triclopyr). Foliage Treatment is not very effective in summer. Apply this treatment in early summer.

Stump Treatment

Some species of plant regrowth from roots after cutting. So, it is necessary to remove the stump. To do this, you have to drill the outer ring surface of the freshly cut tree and pour it with the herbicides.

Soil Treatment

This treatment refers to apply herbicides (Hexazinone) direct in the soil around the tree. Herbicides Solution absorb into the soil and kill the tree. This method is suitable for killing multiple trees at the same time.

How To Use A Chemical To Kill A Tree

  • Wear waterproof protective clothes, gloves, and goggles according to the dangerous nature of the product.
  • Using a drill and create a 10 or 15 deep vertical hole on the surface of the stump, spaced 10 cm apart or make a spin or notch with the chainsaw.
  • Fill the hole with the powder or solution using a funnel. You can also fill the holes with a saturated salt solution (add salt in water until the crystals cannot dissolve) for a faster effect.
  • Then cover the stump with a black plastic held with stones. Remove time to time to check the level of the product and top up if necessary.
  • 3 to 4 months are usually enough to dry or decompose the stump which can then be destroyed by shovel or axe.

Method 3: Kill The Stump

  • Fire The Stump

kill the stump with fire
Fire The Stump

The method ‘fire a stump’ is to fire the strain covered with dry twigs and possibly a little oil.

The stump must be at least 2 m away from any other tree or buildings.

How To Kill A Tree With Fire?

  1. Take out your garden hose to intervene quickly when needed.
  2. Drill the stump and make holes 20-30 cm deep and 1 cm in diameter and fill them with oil, cover with the dry stump or dry branches.
  3. Observe the fire.
  4. When enough embers formed, remove the excess branches and leave the embers on the stump to finish burning slowly
  5. After the stump has burned, remove the ash out of the hole and fill it with loamy soil.
  • Kill Roots By Paving Over

Some trees root don’t die after cutting down trees. They still take the breath. Suffocate them by paving over the roots or deeply mulch. The roots will die within a few days. It may be not gonna work sometimes.

  • Kill Stumps By Salts  or Stump killer

    kill a stumps with salts
    kill A Stumps With Salts

The item will be needed-

  1. Drill (Our pick: BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill)
  2. Epsom Salt(Our pick: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt) OR Stump Killer (Our pick: VPG Fertilome Stump Killer)

Drills the stumps and creates holes around the outer ring of the tree and pour the Epsom salt or stump killer into the holes. Salts kill the root system of the tree and destroy the power of regrowth. So no more resurrection. It is the most effective and proven method to kill a large tree roots

Hope you don’t need to search again how to kill palm tree, pine tree, mimosa tree, etc, etc? I have discussed possible ways to kill a plant. You can apply any to kill the irritating plant.

Lastly, It’s not necessary to tell what will happen if there have no trees to give us oxygen. For your next generation to make the world better, make the world green. If there is no other way, then cut the tree but plant two trees instead of killing one. Because of No Tree, No Life.

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