10 Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes 2022 [Top Picks & Guide]

Grow bags were first manufactured in the 1970s. Nowadays, it is an alternative to the plastic pot that mostly used for growing tomatoes or other salad crops. Of course, it has some beneficial features for becoming popular among gardeners.

You know;

Grow bags are suitable for healthier plant roots, controlling temperature, preventing over-watering, air circulation, easy storage facility, flexibility, and portability.

But remember, all the grow bags are not good for all plants. That’s why I have researched and found the 10 best grow bags for tomatoes.

In this article, I will review the best tomato grow bags that help you to decide which grow bags will be perfect for your tomatoes.

So, without losing your time, let’s get started-

In a Rush? Here are the overall best grow bags for tomatoes that you may pick right now-

10 Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes-Comparisons

Best Grow BagsMaterialAvailable Sizes(Gallon)Price
Smart Pots Grow BagsFabric1-1000
Smart Pots Bag Raised Bed
VIVOSUN Plant Grow BagsFabric2,3
VIVOSUN Square Grow Bags
247Garden Grow BagsFabric7
GardenMate Grow BagsFabric1,2,5,8,16,25,100
Garden4Ever Grow BagsFabric1,2,3,5,7,25,30
Viagrow V724410 Grow BagsPlastic1,2,3,5,7,10

How to Choose the Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes?

Before the details review. I want to share a buying guide that may help you choose the perfect grow bags for planting tomatoes.

#Size of the Grow Bag

A perfect size grow bag means perfect tomato fruits. Healthy vigor roots depend on the size of the grow bag. So you must pick the right sized grow bag for tomatoes.

But what size grow bag is best for tomatoes?

The answer will depend on what varieties you picked. Generally, small varieties such as cherry need small grow bags. Large full-sized tomatoes need bigger grow bags.

According to the experts’, 8-16 gallons grow bags are best for all the tomato varieties.  But you may pick 25-30 gallons grow bags for intermediate and bigger tomato plants and 4-5 gallons for small varieties. Though many gardeners have a positive experience of growing tomatoes in 2-5 gallons grow bags also. But my recommendation; pick 7-8 gallons or more sized grow bags for tomatoes.

#Materials of the Grow Bags

Generally, Grow bags are made of fabric or plastic. Both can be used for growing tomato plants successfully. But fabric grow bags are most popular for tomatoes.

Plastic grow bags hold moisture for an extended period of time but it has low aeration that makes the root circling.

In contrast, fabric bags can create more open space in the soil that prevent root circling. Also, it removes moisture rapidly and needs frequent watering.

#Color of the Grow Bags

Different color grow bags are available in the market today. Most of the grow bags are black, white, tan, and red in color. You may pick any colored grow bags for tomato plants.

#Others Features

You should also consider some features that can directly affect your tomato plant’s health and yield. Those features are good drainage, water-retaining, temperature controlling, durable sewing, and handles for moving.

Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes-Reviews

1. Smart Pots Soft-Sided Container

Smart Pots 15-Gallon Smart Pot Soft-Sided ContainerSmart Pots grow bags are the most recommended smart bags for growing tomatoes that also best for other vegetables, flowers, and aquatic plants.

Let’s see the reasons for its popularity-

First, start with the build quality. It is the USA originated products made of non-woven fabric by hand with maintaining quality standards. That’s why it is durable enough that it hard to fray, split or crack and can stand alone without any support.  

Also, this BPA and lead-free environmentally friendly smart grow bag comes with Weather and UV resistance.

Want to know the best parts of these grow bags?

These smart pots have the cooler and warmer feature that responds depending on the climate conditions.

In warm weather, this grow bags increase air circulation and protect the roots from excessive heat. In contrast, the fabric holds and absorbs more heat in cool weather.

Also, the non-woven fabric of this grow bags aid to increase the microbial activity by providing sufficient oxygen in the soil and you must know microbes are good for soil health as well as plants.

Another great feature of this smart pot is-

It also helps the soil to increase porosity by creating air pockets that essential for root development and drainage. Moreover, it increases the water permeability and it helps the tomato roots to absorb available water easily.

For preventing root circling, it has air pruning facilities that accelerate the root growth through branching and create more root tips of tomato plants. As a result, you will get fast-growing healthy tomato plants.

There is one drawback; it has no handles. So, moving these grow bags is a little bit complex.

It is available from 1 to 1000 gallons. Thereafter, if you are comfortable with raised bed culture, you should pick Smart Pots 12100 Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed.

All the features are almost the same; that’s why I didn’t want to bother you with the big bag bed review individually. The main exception is size. Big bag bed comes in three sizes; Original (100 Gal.), junior (50 Gal.), and Mini (15 Gal.)

So, according to the users’ experiences, these reusable smart grow pots, and raised beds should be the first choice for growing tomatoes.


2. VIVOSUN Plant Grow Bags

 VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow BagsVIVOSUN Plant Grow Bags are the best fabric grow bag for tomatoes that made of 300g thickened non-woven fabric and the thickness of this fabric is 1/8 inch.

You know;

The watering problem is the main drawback of the grow bag. But the 300g non-woven fabric of this grow bag can prevent the water leaching from the inner bag and help the potting soil to hold moisture.

Moreover, Non-woven fabric can also good for drainage. It drainage extra water and create air space for breathing that promotes the root growth of your tomato plants. And you know, healthy roots are essential for growing healthy tomato plants as well as juicy fruits.

Soil temperature is also important for healthy tomato plants. These grow bags help the tomato roots to breathe and keep the soil oxygenated that maintains the soil temperature throughout all seasons.

The best part of this grow bag is-

It has an automatic air-prune feature. It provides 360-degree ventilation and increases water and mineral absorbance that prevents root circling and promotes the growth of new root branches.

The VIVOSUN Grow Bags have durable handles with double sewing. So you can move or lift this grow bags full of soil, and the bags are static enough that don’t need any support to stand up.

Besides tomatoes, it is also best for potato, chili, radish, and other vegetables with reusable facilities.

It comes in round shape and 2 and 3 gallons sizes. If you need larger bags, you can pick VIVOSUN  Square Grow Bags that come in 3,5,7, and 10 gallons.

Pick this reusable, fabric, BPA free environmentally grow bags for your tomatoes and grow healthy tomato plants with minimum effort.


3. 247Garden Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots

 247Garden 5-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles (Black)247 Garden Grow Bags are the best aerated fabric grow bag for tomatoes in the market today. It is made of 100% non-woven 260g landscape fabric that allows the soil to create air pockets, increase air circulation, and drainage.

As a result, your tomato plants in this grow bags can grow healthier roots and promote the plants’ growth as well as yield.

Besides good drainage, this non-woven 260 g landscape fabrics thick enough to prevent the leaching loss of water from the inside of the bags.

As you know, maintaining the soil temperature is the key thing to get a healthy tomato plant. The good news, this non-woven fabric material keeps the soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sounds great, right? But there’s another benefit of it-

These grow bags also act as the stress and shock revivers. Want to know how? By controlling temperature and moisture. Because water and hot stress are the primary environmental stress for tomatoes.

247Garden grow bags also can prevent your tomato roots from circling, produce more root tip, and improve the root structure by increasing the ventilation and nutrient absorbance.

It also comes with handles that make it more portable. This grow bag available in only 7 gallons, but it is wide enough for growing tomato with good space that you may use for some rooted vegetables and spices.

So, this breathable, BPA free, environmental-friendly, reusable grow bags may be the wise pick for your tomato plants.


4. WINNER OUTFITTERS Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots

WINNER OUTFITTERS 6-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric PotsWINNER OUTFITTERS grow bags are the actual winner of the plant grow bags category. It is also made of BPA –free eco-friendly non-woven landscape fabric.

And you know how excellent fabric can help your tomato plant. It allows the roots to breathe and promotes their growth that important for the overall health of your tomato plants.

Moreover, it improves the drainage as well as retain sufficient moisture for your tomato plants.

This grow bag also has warmer and cooler facilities that control the soil temperature and save the tomato plants from environmental stress.

Now let’s talk about the durability and portability-

This is made of high-quality fabric with double sewing. Also, it has x shape sewing hardy double handles for easy and safe moving.

You know;

Root circling is one of the most faced problems in container gardening. But good news; it also has an air pruning facility that helps your tomato plants to prevent the root circling.

Besides, it has the wormer and cooler feature for keeping the soil in optimum temperature, and the available sizes of these bags are 3 and 10 gallons.

Buy this reusable best grow bags and grow tomatoes faster without over and under watering problems.


5. GardenMate Soft-Sided Plant pots Grow Bags

GardenMate 3-Pack 8 gallons Soft-Sided Plant potsGardenMate soft-sided grow bags are the best fabric grow bags for plants. It is not only the best for tomato plants, but also best for pepper, cucumber, eggplant, carrot, potato, and some other vegetables.

This GardenMate grow bag is made of durable polypropylene fabric. It is eco friendly,weather-resistant fabric that makes the grow bag super reliable and robust. Also, it is a soft-sided fabric that increases air circulation and promotes roots growth.

Moreover, this grow bag has a strong underneath like bucket. As a result, it can stand alone without any support. For portability, it has double handles for moving smoothly.

The secret feature is this grow bag- It also has an automatic and natural air root pruning system that creates more root branches. And you know more roots mean more water and nutrients absorption and more water and nutrients mean healthier plants and more tomatoes.

Other great features are-

It can be cleaned quickly with a hand brush or a pressure washer, and this frost resistant, reusable grow bag can be used for growing tomatoes season after season.

So pick this versatile grow bag that comes in different sizes. i.e 1 , 3, 5,8,16,25, and also 100 gallons raised bed.


6. Garden4Ever Grow Bags

Garden4Ever Grow Bags 5-Pack 25 Gallon Aeration Fabric Pots Container with HandlesHere are the another best grow bags for tomatoes from the Garden4ever brand. The build quality and premium materials make the grow bags long-lasting and durable.

These grow bags are made of 300g non-woven fabric. And you know, 300g non-woven fabric thick enough for preventing leach out of the water from inside the grow bags. As a result, soil can hold water and nutrients for a longer period.

Moreover, this non-woven fabric helps the potting soil to create pore and open space in the soil that improves the drainage controls temperature, and stimulates the root growth of the tomato plants.

Bottom line:

These grow bags have the water-retaining capacity as well as good drainage. That means you don’t have to worry about improper watering.

It comes with X shaped double sewing handles for lifting and moving. This is a bucket-shaped grow bag that can stand alone without any support.

For preventing the root circling problems, it also has air pruning features that allow the roots to produce more branches without getting tangled.

These grow bags are washable and also reusable. It comes 1-30 gallons in sizes. You may choose according to your plant size for producing healthy, juicer tomatoes.


7. Viagrow V724410 Nursery Grow Bags

Viagrow Nursery Grow BagsAre you looking for the best plastic grow bags for tomatoes? Here are the Viagrow V724410 Nursery Grow Bags for you. It is made of BPA free environment-friendly virgin plastic.

These plastic grow bags thick and durable enough which easily stand up alone with growing mix. Moreover, it comes with reversible black and white color that helps the soil to keep cool and warm according to the weather.

You know plastic grow bags hold water more than fabric grow bags. There is no exception to these plastic bags. Besides, it has the drain hole for improving drainage and air circulation.

Another great feature:

It can protect itself from UV rays. As a result, the plant’s root zone remains cool and promotes the growth of healthy roots.

It is available in 1-30 gallons, So pick the budget-friendly best plastic grow bags and grow tomato plants in these plastic bags with less watering.


How to Use Grow Bags for Planting Tomatoes?

Gardeners use grow bags for tomatoes in different ways. But all methods are not the best. Don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you that they are wrong. Everyone follows their own ways. But they should follow the best way to plant tomatoes in grow bags that I have discussed below-

Items Required:

  1. Grow Bags (our pick: WINNER OUTFITTERS Grow Bags)
  2. Perlite (our pick: Espoma PR8 8-Quart Organic Perlite)
  3. Potting mix (our pick: Burpee Natural Organic Premium Growing Mix)
  4. Fertilizer (our pick: Espoma Tomato Tone Fertilizer)

Step 1: Purchase the Best Grow Bags for Your Tomato

Purchase the perfect size grow bags according to the size of the root ball and tomato varieties. It is not a good idea to select too small and too large grow bags for tomatoes. The quick tips; pick 7 or 8-gallon bags, if you need 6-gallon bags.

Also, consider the material of grow bags. Generally, grow bags are made of plastic and fabric. Experts recommend picking fabric grow bags for tomatoes.

Step 2: Improve Drainage of the Grow Bags

Add at least 1 inch of pebbles or perlite at the bottom of your tomato grow bags. You should create a ½ inch drainage hole at the bottom of the bag. Ignore this, If the bags already have a drainage hole.

Step 3: Fill the Grow Bags with the Potting Soil

Fill 1/3 of the grow bags with a good potting mix. Add 1-2 tablespoons of slow-release fertilizer per quart of soil. You may also add compost(optional).

Shake the bag to loosen the soil and shape perfectly. Remember, you should fill the grow bags up in such a way that only the bags have only 5 cm space on the top.

Don’t use garden soil in grow bags without amending. To learn more about the potting soil mix for tomatoes and amending process of garden soil- How to Prepare the garden soil for tomatoes

Step 4: Place the Tomato Seedlings

Scoop out enough soil for installing the root ball deep into the soil. Remove the lower branches, place the tomato seedlings, cover 2/3 part of the seedlings with the soil, and water the plants.

Step 5: Place the Grow Bags

Tomato plants need 4-6 hour sun in a day. So place the grow bags where they get enough sun in a day. For indoor tomato plants, put them 6 inches away from the grow light.

Now water and feed them regularly and produce juicy, vibrant tomatoes.

15 Best Tomato Varieties for Grow Bags

  1. Tumbler
  2. Patio F1 Hybrid
  3. Health Kick Hybrid
  4. Oregon Spring
  5. Pik Red
  6. Better Bush Hybrid
  7. Bush Early Girl Hybrid
  8. Sun Sugar
  9. Sun Gold
  10. Mountain Gold
  11. Talladega Hybrid
  12. Solar Fire Hybrid
  13. Ace 55 Hybrid
  14. Sweet 100
  15. Bush Steak

Frequently Asked Questions

#What is the Grow Bag?

The grow bag is a planter or alternative to pot or containers(Learn more about the tomato planter) used for growing something by filling it with a growing medium or potting mix. It is made of fabric or plastic and mostly used for growing salad fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, with the help of grow bags you can create a big garden in your backyard, house, or anywhere you want.

#What Are Grow Bags Made of?

Commercial grow bags are made of plastic or fabric. Fabric grow bags are made of non-woven fabric, and plastic bags are virgin mill plastic.

Homemade Grow Bags For Tomatoes-DIY ideas


I recommend you the top 10 best grow bags for tomatoes and also discussed some essential basics of growing bags that you should know. I hope you have picked the perfect grow bags for your tomato plants though my writings.

Now plant the tomatoes, water and fertilize them regularly and produce healthy tomato plants with bigger and juicer tomatoes in the grow bags.

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