18 Best Tomato Planters 2022 [Top Picks & Reviews]

Tomato is the most versatile vegetable. It grows in the ground, raised bed, pot, container, whiskey barrel, grow bag, window box, hanging basket, and upside-down planter.

So, it is not a problem anymore if you don’t have enough space in your garden. You can grow juicy tomatoes anywhere you like.

That’s why you need the best tomato planter for growing bigger juicy tomatoes without facing any problem. And remember; it is important like the soil. Without good soil, good yield can’t expect. Likewise, it won’t be reasonable to expect bigger and juicer tomatoes with good planters.

Now the question; What are the best tomato planters in the market today?

The answer will vary depending on the growing methods and places. But The good planters must have excellent drainage facilities,water-retaining, and air circulating capacity, and some other convenient features like reusability, portability.

For your convenience, I have researched and reviewed 18 best tomato planters. So, without losing your time, let’s see the list of the best planters for tomatoes-

In A Rush? Here is a quick list of the best tomato planters. You can pick from the list right now-

  1. Best Pot and Container for Tomato- Hydrofarm GCTT Tomato Planter(Self-Watering)
  2. Best Planter Boxes for Tomato-Bloem 52030C Fiskars Box Planter
  3. Best Rail Planter for Tomato- Emsco Group 2434-1 Bloomers Grow Box(Self-Watering)
  4. Best Tomato Grow Bag- Smart Pot Soft-Sided Container Grow Bag
  5. Best Raised Beds for Tomatoes- Smart Pots Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed
  6. Best Upside Down Tomato Planters-Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter
  7. Best Hanging Baskets for Tomatoes-Amagabeli Basket with Coco Coir Liner

Best Tomato Planters- Comparisons

Best Tomato PlantersTypePrice
Hydrofarm GCTT Tomato PlanterPot with trellis
Bloem Pot PlanterPlastic Pot
Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel
Wooden Pot
Bloem 52030C PlanterPlastic Box Planter
Mobile Garden Vegetable Planter PotPlastic Box Planter
Emsco Group self-watering PlanterPlastic Rail Planter
Smart Pots Soft-Sided Grow BagFabric Grow Bag
Smart Pots Big Bag Raised BedFabric Raised Bed
Best Choice Products Raised Garden BedWooden Elevated Bed
Best Choice Products Raised Garden BedWooden Raised Bed
Earth Brown Resin Raised Garden BedPlastic Raised Bed
Pri Gardens Tomato Planter
Fabric Upside-Down
Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterPlastic Upside-Down
Smart Spring Planters for TomatoesPlastic Hanging Basket
HIT 8399E Tomato Herb PlanterSteel Hanging Basket
Amagabeli Hanging Planter Basket Metal Hanging Basket
Bloem Lucca Self Watering Hanging BasketPlastic Hanging Basket
La Jolíe Muse Hanging PlanterPlastic Hanging Basket

Best Tomato Planters- Reviews

In simple words, Planter is anything where the plant can grow, and as I told you tomatoes can grow in any place where you like. That’s why manufacturers design different types of tomato planters for growing tomatoes in different places.

So, keep on reading and get the best tomato planters for planting your tomatoes according to your growing conditions and spaces.

3 Best Pots for Tomato Plants

1.Hydrofarm GCTT Tomato Planter

Hydrofarm GCTB Tomato Barrel with 4-Foot Tower
Tomato Barrel

Are you looking for a complete set of tomato planters? Hydrofarm GCTT Tomato Planter is for you. It is one of the best self-watering tomato planters that come with support rings and connecting risers.

The planter is made of lightweight plastic, and it is available in three versions: i.e Tomato Barrel, Tomato Tower, and Tomato Trellis. Let’s see what the differences among these are.

Tomato Barrel Planter-

It comes with the barrel type container and 4 feet tall tower. This tower is expandable and made of  3 support rings and three connecting risers that provide strong support to your tomato plant.

The barrel-shaped round container dimension is 15 x 15 x 13 inches. That means it has 15 inches length, 15 inches width, and 13 inches height. 

Isn’t it enough for growing tomatoes? Yes, this dimension is enough for growing small cherry tomatoes to full-sized tomatoes.

Tomato Tower Planter-

It comes with a square-shaped container, and it is smaller than the barrel planter but also suitable for growing tomatoes. It has 10 inches length,10 inches width, and 8 inches height.

Also, it has 3 feet expandable strong tower for providing support for the heavy yielding tomato plant.

Tomato Trellis Planter-

It comes with a rectangular shaped and 4 feet expandable trellis tower. The dimension of this planter is 25 x 11 x 9 that can hold almost 10 gallons of potting mix.

The best part of this trellis planter is it has wheels for moving smoothly.

Now, let’s talk about the common features of these tomato planters-

The planters have a self-watering reservoir system. It provides water and nutrients from the base that protect the plant from under and over watering and fertilizing.

And the strong tower of these planters supports the heavy yielding tomato plants and prevents the plants from falling with fruits. Also, these planters are best for indoor and patio tomatoes.

2. Bloem Pot Planter

Bloem Terra Plastic Pot Planter 14" Terra CottaBloem pot is the best plastic pot for the tomato that is made of BPA free polypropylene thermoplastic. You will be happy to know, polypropylene is the lightest and hardest synthetic fiber. That’s why this pot is lightweight and strong enough.

Another best part of this polypropylene resin is-

It is resistant to the UV rays that will help the soil to remain cool, promote root growth, and protect the plants from environmental stress.

Overwatering is the major problem of container tomatoes. The good news, it has a drainage hole for removing excess water and increasing air circulation. And you know air space and airflow are essential for healthier roots of the tomato plant. 

You can also increase airflow and protect your surface against moisture to place this pot on saucer trays (Bloem Terra Plant Saucer). 

It has a shiny painted surface that protects from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. Also, It comes in variable size and color for growing indoor and outdoor tomato plants.

So, pick this durable, lightweight, matte finish Bloem Pot Planters and grow tomatoes with ease.

3.Classic Home and Garden S1027D-265R Whiskey Barrel

Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey BarrelClassic Home and Garden S1027D-265R is the best-selling planter in the market today. It is a whiskey barrel-type planter. Nowadays people love this barrel-type container to grow plants and plants also like this. There is no exception to the tomato plant.

Tomato plants like this whiskey barrel because of its depths. The Tomato plant in this deep barrel planter can grow more root branches. You know more roots mean healthier plants with a higher yield.

This planter is made of distressed oak that is coated with epoxy resins. The entire barrel tie with three antique pewter colored bands that increase the beauty as well as durability.

Also, it is coated for UV protection, and it is helpful for both containers and plants. Because UV protection facilities protect the color of the barrel as well as control the temperature and you know the controlling temperature is essential for root growth and reviving environmental stress.

For improving drainage, it comes with drain holes. It can be placed indoor, outdoor, and patio. Also, It is variable in sizes. So, you may pick this best size planter for growing tomatoes.


2 Best Planter Boxes for Tomatoes

1.Bloem 52030C Fiskars Box Planter

Bloem 52030C Fiskars 30 Inch TerraBox PlanterBloem planter strikes again with the best box planter named Bloem 52030C. It is also made of BPA-free polypropylene thermoplastic. As you know, it is the lightest and most robust plastic that makes this planter lightweight and durable.

Also, this polypropylene is the UV resistant plastic that protects the color from fading in adverse weather conditions. It has a matte finish shiny surface for protecting scratches, dirt, and fingerprints.

Moreover, It comes in the tapered shape with a rolled lip that helps you to lift the planter. It is available in variable sizes. All are deep enough for the root growth of tomatoes.

It has pre-drilled drainage holes. You can drill the hole with a nail easily if need. This planter box also fits in a saucer tray and can be placed as a patio and window box for tomatoes.

2. Mobile Garden Vegetable Patch Planter Pot

Mobile Garden Vegetable Patch Planter Pot & Trellis ClimbingMobile Garden Planter is another best box planter for tomatoes, eggplants, and other vegetables. Like all other plastic planters, it is also made of Polypropylene thermoplastic that protects the planters in extreme weather conditions.

It can hold a 10-gallon potting mix that has 51 inches opening diameter and 8 inches depth. Isn’t it deep enough for the root development of tomatoes? I think it is perfect.

The best part of this planter is-

It has an extra 3-gallon water storage zone with self-watering functionality. So you don’t need to worry about the poor and overwatering.

And the most likable feature is it comes with two wheels and a handle that help you find the perfect location for your tomato plants. Sounds great, right? But there’s more-

It has strong trellis that can prevent the plants from falling for heavy yield. Buy this best patio planter for your tomatoes that also fits in small backyards.

Best Rail Planter for Tomato

1. Emsco Group 2434-1 Bloomers Grow Box

Emsco Group 2434-1 Bloomers Self-Watering 24" WeatherproofDo you want to allow your railing to grow tomatoes? Then you need rail planters and here is the Emsco Group 2434-1 rail planter grow box.

It is made of durable BPA free resin polymer with a shiny waterproof surface. The resin polymer is durable enough to protect itself from adverse weather conditions.

This rail planter fits in different sizes of rail. Also, has fasteners for stabilizing the planter over the rail. Moreover, it is large enough to cover the long space of your balcony rail. The length of this planter is 24 inches.

It has drain holes for preventing stagnant water and creates air space that helps to promote root growth of the tomato plants.

It is a self-watering planter and has a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter that feeds water to the plant continuously and increases air circulation for promoting microbial activity as well as root growth. Also, it has a mulch cover for eliminating weeds and conserving water.

So, decorate your balcony rail with this beautiful planter and produce tomato fruits with full of happiness.

Best Tomato Grow Bag

1. Smart Pot Soft-Sided Container Grow Bag

Smart Pots Smart Pot Soft-Sided ContainerGrow bags are popular among gardeners for growing tomatoes and vegetables. Here is the Smart pot soft-sided grow bag for smart gardeners that is best in its category.

It is made of BPA free non-woven fabric by hand in the USA. It has a soft-sided surface that can protect itself from adverse climate. Also, it is hard enough for stand-alone with any supports.

The non woven fabric has a cooler and warmer facility. That means it can keep the soil cool in hot weather and hold the temperature in cool weather. You will be happy to know, controlling temperature is the crucial thing for growing more roots.

Also, the fabric can increase the air circulation rate and drainage facility in the soil that promotes the growth of microbes as well as plants.

The root circling is the main drawback of container gardening. But it has air pruning features that prevent the roots from circling and promote the growth of roots by producing more root tips and branches.

It comes in variable size, but it has no handles for moving or lifting. Take this Smart fabric pot, fill with potting mix, and grow your tomato plant.

To learn more about the fabric and plastic grow bags- 10 Recommend Grow Bags for Tomatoes

3 Best Raised Beds for Tomatoes

1.Smart Pots 12100 Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed

Smart Pots 12100 Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed Smart Pots strikes again with the big bag bed fabric raised bed. It is also made of non-woven fabric. 

And you know, non woven fabric is suitable for drainage as well as moisture-retaining. Also, it can increase the air circulation rate to promote root growth and increase microbial activity. Moreover, like the Smart pots grow bag, it has also an air pruning feature that prevents the root from circling.

Almost all the features are the same as the Smart grow bag. But the main difference is size. It is available in 3 sizes, Original, Junior, and Mini.

Original Big Bag Bed has 50 inches opening diameter and 12 inches height. It can hold almost 100 gallons of potting mix.

Junior Big Bag Bed has 36 inches opening diameter and 12 inches height that holds 50 gallons potting mix.

Min Big Bag Bed has 24 inches opening diameter and 8 inches height that holds 15 gallons of potting mix.

As you see, all are large and deep enough for growing tomatoes and some other vegetables.

It is reusable and easy to install. Just unfold, fill the potting mix, and plant your tomatoes. So, pick this fabric UV resistant raised bed and produce healthy tomatoes for your family.

2. Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed

Best Choice Products Raised Garden BedAre you finding the best-elevated bed planter box for patio or outdoor? Then the Best Choices Products Raised bed is for you.

It is made of pest resistance cedar wood and has a natural wood finish. So you can decorate and paint it if you want.

It is 4 feet large and 2 feet wide raised bed that provides enough space for growing tomatoes as well as other vegetables, and the depth of this raised bed is 9 inches that are enough for healthier tomato roots. Also, it has 30 inches standing legs that help those gardeners who struggle to bend down.

It comes with drainage holes. Drainage holes drain out the excess water and improve air space in the soil that promotes the soil microbes. Also, it comes with a sealed liner for protecting the garden bed from water damage.

It needs to assemble, but the process is easy and quick. Buy this garden bed, assemble by following the manufacturer’s instructions, fill with potting mix, and grow your tomatoes.

Don’t need an elevated garden bed?, Then you should pick Best Choice Products legless Wooden Raised Bed.

3. Earth Brown Resin Raised Garden Bed

Earth Brown Resin Raised Garden Bed Grow BoxEarth Brown Resin Raised Garden Bed is one of my favorite planters for tomatoes. It is made of resin plastic. But being honest, the plastic is not thick enough. So, you should be careful when you move it full of potting mix.

Moreover, for easy moving, it has wheels. You can change the growing place depending on the sun easily.

The Earth Brown Garden Bed has 24 inches in length,20 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. And it holds up to 10 gallons of potting mix. The dimension of this bed is perfect for growing small to large-sized tomato plants.

This is a self-watering container that can protect the plant from poor and overwatering. Besides, it also comes with drainage holes and casters. Drainage holes help the soil to drain away the excess water and casters help the bed to be rolled for controls weeds, mobility, and sun-tracking.

It is easy to step up and comes with a step-by-step setup manual. So, purchase this self-watering, UV-resistant resin plastic bed for planting tomatoes.

2 Best Upside Down Tomato Planters

1.Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter

Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato PlanterPri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter is the most recommended upside-down planter for tomatoes.

It is made of fabric that has an air prune facility. This fabric planter increases air circulation and creates more air space. As a result, tomato roots grow well and produce more root tips.

Also, the fabric material drains away from the extra water and protects the plant from mold and other fungal diseases.

The planter has 15 inches height and 8.5 inches opening diameter that can hold almost 3.5 gallons of potting mix. Also, It comes with cup hooks for easy hanging, x shaped sturdy sewing handles and an unzipped bottom for placement of the roots.

Also, the top of this planter can be used for growing herbs. Simply place the root ball of tomato seedling, fill it with potting mix and hang the planter for producing healthy tomatoes.

2.Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter

opsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato PlanterDo you want to grow tomatoes without bending and getting down? Here is another upside-down tomato planter named Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter.

It is made of plastic and plastic fiber that makes it very lightweight. The weight of this planter is 1.15 pounds, and the dimension of it is 9.9 x 9.7 x 3.4 inches. It can hold almost 3 gallons of soil that allow it to grow any type of tomato variety.

Insects, worms, and birds can damage your ground tomatoes. But tomato plants in this upside-down planter will save from these completely. Also, you can collect your tomatoes in a standing position.

So, If you are comfortable with an upside-down planter, you may purchase it to grow damage and insects free bigger tomatoes. It can be used easily. Just place the plant in the planter and fill it with good soil mix and hang it anywhere you want.

5 Best Hanging Baskets for Tomatoes

1.Smart Spring Hanging Basket Planters for Tomatoes and Herbs

Smart Spring Hanging Basket Planters for Tomatoes and HerbsSmart Spring Hanging Basket Planter is specially made for growing tomatoes, flowers, and other vegetables. It is made from recycled resins polymer in the USA.

You know resin is UV resistant that protects the plastic from any adverse weather conditions, keeps the soil cool, and promotes the growth of the roots.

It also has a bigger drainage hole for drain away the extra water as well as increases the airflow and microbial activity.

This hanging basket has a 12 inches opening diameter that can hold  7.5-quart potting mix. Also, this planter is washable and reusable. Buy this hanging basket and grow your tomato plants year after year.

2.HIT 8399E SAFF Hanging Tomato Herb Planter, Blue

HIT Corp. 8399E B Enameled Galvanized Steel Hanging Planter, BlueIt is a hanging basket that can be a great alternative to upside-down containers. If you aren’t comfortable with the regular upside-down planter, then you should buy this herb planter.

It looks like a traditional container that hangs by the steel chain and The container made of galvanized heavy gauge steel. You will be happy to know that galvanized steel is resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, it has lead-free electrostatic paint that protects the container from heat as well as rust.

This planter has 13.5 inches opening diameter and 8 inches depth. As you see, the planter has enough room for growing tomatoes and enough depth for developing healthy roots.

It has drain holes for draining the excess water and creating open spaces in the soil. It is also available in Yellow color (Check Amazon to view the yellow-colored hanging basket).

No need to set up. It comes in ready to hang. Just fill the basket with potting mix, plant the seedlings, and hang the basket.

3.Amagabeli Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner

Amagabeli Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir LinerThis the best metal hanging basket in the market today. The metal is coated with black Vinyl for rustproof that makes it perfect for outdoor uses.

It has a metal hook for easy hanging that has a large loading capacity. So your heavy-yielding tomato plant will be safe in this durable hanging basket.

Want to know the best part of this hanging basket?

It comes with coco coir liner, and it has lots of benefits. First, the coco coir liner is made of  100% natural compound that holds water and releases slowly like the slow-release fertilizer. As a result, plants can absorb water when they want.

Besides, it has good drainage that allows the soil to create air space, drain away from the water, and stimulate the root growth of the plant.

Also, it has 14 inches opening diameter and 7 inches depth. Do you need more depth for tomato roots? But it is enough for tomatoes. According to the experts’, Tomato plants can be grown successfully in 6 inches deep containers.

So, purchase this coco liner hanging basket for your tomatoes and give them an organic feeling. 

4.Bloem Lucca Hanging Basket

Bloem Lucca Self Watering Hanging BaskeDo you want the best self-watering hanging basket for tomatoes? Here is the Bloem Lucca Self Watering Hanging Basket for you.

It is made of polypropylene thermoplastic, and you know it is one of the lightest and hardest plastic. So, there is no doubt about its durability.

The hanging basket has 13 inches opening diameter,9 inches bottom diameter, and 8.75 inches height that can hold 8 quarts potting soil. Also, It comes with hanging ropes with a secure hanging facility.

The most important feature is-

It has a water reservoir that can hold 2 inches of water for supplying to the plant when they need it. So, improper watering is not a big deal if you plant your tomatoes in these hanging baskets.

Also, it is variable in colors. You may pick this BPA-free, UV-resistant, environment-friendly hanging basket for your tomatoes.

5.La Jolíe Muse Large Hanging Planters

La Jolíe Muse Large Hanging PlantersLook at the image of the hanging planters. Tell me what they are made of? I think your answer will be ceramic or clay. But you are wrong. I also thought that when I first saw this best hanging tomato planter.

Actually, It is made of plastic and stone powder, but they finished it in such a way that you get the feeling of a clay basket. The plastic and stone powder polymer are lightweight but durable enough to protect the planters from the sun, UV rays, and other adverse situations.

Also, this breathable hanging planter has four pre-drilled drainage holes in the bottom for increasing airflow and drainage. Besides, it has a water storage facility, But it doesn’t come with the tray to catch water.

This round-shaped hanging basket has 13.2 inches opening diameter and 6.7 inches depth. It is available in black and gray colors, and it can be used both indoor and outdoor for planting tomatoes.

DIY: How to Make a Self Watering Tomato Planter?


Is there any type of tomato planter available in the market that I missed? I hope your answer will be no. I have tried to list all the types of tomato planter.

You may pick the best tomato planter from my list according to the growing space and condition. Fill the planter with potting soil, plant the tomato seedling, water and fertilize the plant and get the bigger tomatoes.

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