Best Way to Get Rid of Brown Edges on Tomato Leaves

Dark green tomato leaves indicate the healthy plants that will produce healthy tomatoes next. You will be worried when you notice your tomato leaves are turning brown on edges.

But the good news; this tomato leaves issue can be fixed easily. There are several reasons behind this problem such as environmental stress, root rot, bacterial canker, bacterial speck, fusarium crown, and verticillium wilt.

In this article, I will help you find the actual problem for brown edges on the leaves of tomatoes with the most effective solutions.

So, without losing your valuable time, let’s get started-

What Causes Brown Edges on Tomato Leaves?

1.Environmental Stress

The 80% of the brown edges on tomato leaves cause of environmental stress. Now the question; how can we revive the environmental stress? Before taking any steps, we should know the real cause of stress. Here are the common causes of environmental stress-

Improper Watering

Improper watering indicates both overwatering and under-watering. Both can be the cause of stress and brown edges of leaves.

A moisture meter can help you to determine the actual moisture percentage on tomato plants. Also, you can poke your finger into the soil and feel the moisture and dryness.    


Improve drainage and apply 1-2 inches of water per 1-2 weeks. Remember; Tomato plants like moisture but they don’t like stagnant water.

So, get rid of over and under watering apply the minimum amount of water more frequently.

 Water Retaining Capacity

If the soil has lower water holding capability, the tomato plants become stressed conditions. And as the sign of stress, the edges of leaves on tomatoes turn brown.


Increase the organic material percentage in the soil. To do that add some organic manure, or biochar, or some other organic fertilizer.

You can also add some clay soil into the existing soil or increase the frequency of watering to the plants.  

Root Damage

Root damage also causes brown edges of leaves. The root can be damaged by cultural operations or diseases(root rot). If the root damage, the plant can not take the required water and the leaves turn into brown.


Prune the plant and reduce the pressure on the roots. After several days, the plants occupy green leaves with the help of new healthy roots.

For the potted plants, You should also repot your tomato plant on a bigger tomato grow bag or planter from the existing one.

Over Fertilizing

Over-fertilizing also the cause of plant stress. Extra fertilizer burns the plant leaves and wilts the plant that may cause brown edges of tomato leaves.


Read your fertilizer label and follow their instructions strictly. The best way to apply organic tomato fertilizer to avoid leaves burning.  

Strong Wind

Wilting can take place because of heavy wind. As a result, the plant leaves turn into brown on edges and fall off.


Install a blockage against heavy wind and provide good mulch that helps the soil to hold sufficient moisture for plants.  

2.Bacterial Canker of Tomatoes

It is the most destructive tomato disease that is caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Because of the Bacterial canker, The brown and black color lesion appears on the edges of the leaves. 


Actually, there is no effective treatment of bacterial canker. Prevention is the only way to fight the disease. Plant resistant tomato varieties, Treat the seed before the plant and take good care of the plants.

If you make sure the brown edges for bacterial canker, destroy the plant immediately. Because it can spread by water splash and other intercultural operations.

3.Fusarium Crown and Root Rot of Tomatoes

It is a fungal disease and the pathogen of this disease is Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici (FORL).

The symptom of this disease is the green tomato leaves turn yellow and falling off. But it also shows chocolate color edges on the leaves. It is the most destructive disease for tomato, pepper, and eggplant. 


Some tomato fungicide may work in the early stages but there is no proven fungicide that works effectively for killing root rot germs.

So, remove the affected plants as soon as possible, if the plant doesn’t recover after applying a fungicide.

Prevention is also the best way to fight against fusarium crown and root rot. Plant resistant varieties, maintain soil pH between 6-7, disinfect the boots and gloves before working on the tomato garden.    

4.Bacterial Speck of Tomatoes

It is also a bacterial disease like a canker. And brown spots with yellow ring appears on the plant leaves as the symptoms of the disease.


Sad but true, there is no effective treatment of bacterial speck of tomatoes. You should treat the tomato seeds into a 20% bleach solution in 30 minutes to get rid of the bacterial speck. Hot water treatment also effective to kill the germs on seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cut the brown leaves off my tomato plant?

Yes, you should remove the brown leaves without touch any healthy leaves. Because the pathogen can spread through your hand and affected leaves. 

 Are brown leaves a sign of overwatering?

Overwatering may be the cause of brown leaves. For your better understanding, you should remember if the leaves turn brown or brown and curl, then it may happen overwatering, nutrient deficiency, diseases, and insects.    

But if the edges of the leaves turn brown, then it may be environmental stress that causes over and underwatering, root damages, and wind. 

Why are the leaves on my tomato plants turning brown?

I already told the leaves of the tomato plant turn into brown because of many reasons such as lack of nutrients, disease, insects, and the environment.    


Light brown or brown leaves on tomato plants and brown edges of the tomato plants are the different problem of tomato leaves.

Stress is the main culprit of the brown edges on tomato leaves. Besides, I have also discussed some other possible reasons for the problem with tomato plant leaves.

I hope it can help you to take the necessary steps and revive your tomato plants.  

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